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Bike Cop News Review – 2/2/14

Newton Police deal with overflow of bikes in evidence locker
KAKE – 1/29/14
The Newton Police Department’s evidence locker is overflowing with bicycles and they say it’s taking up valuable space for important evidence in criminal cases. These are the bikes that are stolen, dumped somewhere, and then never claimed. The police have to store those bikes for 60 days. They have dozens of bikes in their evidence locker and now they have the overflow of bikes in a garage.

Police bicycle patrols return to downtown Hayward

Mercury News – 1/28/14
Hayward Police Officer Craig Fovel patrols the downtown area on bicycle in Hayward, Calif., Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014. Officer Fovel has been patrolling the downtown on bike since the first of the year

Wisconsin cop chooses bicycle over squad car despite the frigid weather
WCSH – 1/28/14
A Milwaukee, Wisconsin police officer had the choice of patrolling in his squad car on his bicycle Monday, and he chose the bike! Officer Robert Waldoch chose to ride because he didn’t think the weather was that bad.

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Bikes ride through history – Bike News Review – 1/30/14

Park Tool makes History Channel
Bicycle Retailer – 1/29/14
Park Tool, its president Eric Hawkins and its trademark Park Blue color made an appearance on national television Tuesday evening. Hawkins and his company were featured on The History Channel’s American Restoration reality show. In the show, Hawkins asked the show’s Rick Dale of Las Vegas-based Rick’s Restoration to restore an old cigarette vending machine and convert it to a Park Tool vending machine.

From Boneshaker to BMX: 150 years of the bicycle
CNN – 1/28/14
CNN’s Art of Movement looks at cycling. Here, with help from bike historian David V. Herlihy, we explore how the bicycle developed into the world’s most popular vehicle.

Museum acquires rare Canton-made bicycle
Canton Rep – 1/27/14
“We’ve had this on our wish list for years and years,” said Kimberly Kenney, curator of the Wm. McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, as she held the handlebars of a rare turn-of-the-century Dueber Grand bicycle in her white-gloved hands.

History buff co-authors book on Wisconsin’s early love of bicycling
Fon du Lac Hub – 1/25/14
Bicycles are an early European invention dating back to the 1810s. They made their way to Wisconsin in 1869, which is now documented in “Wheel Fever: How Wisconsin Became a Great Bicycle State.”


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There’s money in them there spokes! – Bike News Review – 1/27/14

Brompton Bicycle shows British manufacturing how to shift up a gear
Reuters – 1/26/14
Brompton’s success lies partly in its cool – the company cashed in on a trendy ‘Made in Britain’ tag, and the fact that its bikes fold up lends the label a geeky chic as well as popular practicality. But beneath the image lies a carefully-constructed business strategy that reveals not only the level of innovation required for UK manufacturing firms to succeed, but also the number of bumps in the road many of them still face.

‘It’s starting to happen’ Bicycle touring an emerging tourism market
Daily Inter Lake – 1/25/14
A new report verifies what local business owners have known for some time: The Flathead Valley is a superhighway for bicycle touring groups that bolster the local economy as they pass through. Conducted by the Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research and graduate students from the University of Montana College of Forestry and Conservation, the study found that multiday cyclists spend $75 per day and stay an average of eight or more nights as they pass through Montana.

Bicycle plan heading to Door County Board
Door County Advocate – 1/25/14
The formal presentation of the Door County Bicycle, Pedestrian and Recreational Facilities Master Plan is on the agenda of next week’s County Board meeting. The half-inch-thick document was prepared under a 2012 contract between the Door County Highway Department and the Madison-based Wisconsin Bike Federation. It contains recommendations on the locations of 350 miles of hiking, biking and equestrian paths including a series of trail loops linking points of interest from Southern Door to Washington Island.


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Bike News Review – 11/1/13

Iowa County mulls bicycle event ordinance
Wisconsin State Journal – 10/31/13
Iowa County transportation officials this week put the wheels in motion to regulate bicycle and other events on the roads in what has become a nationally acclaimed rural bicycling mecca. “It’s a regulation to contain the event organizers so that they all perform to the same level or standard, and right now they don’t. For some events we get no contact whatsoever,” said Craig Hardy, Iowa County highway commissioner, who said a new law ideally would be in place by spring 2014.

40% of ExpressLane Funds Will Go Towards Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements
LA Streets – 10/30/13
“Bike paths and walkways are important components of the ExpressLanes project, and the communities along the Harbor and Santa Monica Freeways—where the pilot project is in place–  will see the benefits of the projected $16 million to $19 million in revenue,” writes County Supervisor and Metro Board Member Mark Ridley-Thomas. “The guidelines for reinvesting these funds take a holistic view of  transit.”

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Bike News Review – 10/8/13

Bicycle registration bill pulled by lawmakers
11 Alive – 10/8/13
Lawmakers backing the bicycle registration bill are pulling the bill after overwhelming outcry from bicyclists from all over Georgia. Cyclists and non-riders from all over Georgia packed the Hall County Government Center in Gainesville during a town hall meeting Monday night. An overwhelming majority of the speakers were against the proposed changes.

Bike-to-school event to help further Centre Region’s bicycle goals
Centre Daily – 10/7/13
With 10 to 12 percent of Corl Street Elementary students and staff already riding their bikes to school, the State College school has a jump on participation in Wednesday’s Walk and Bike to School Day.

Former Trek Bicycle Exec. Mary Burke to run for governor
Fox6Now – 10/7/13
Former Trek Bicycle Executive Mary Burke announced on Monday, October 7th that she will run for Governor of Wisconsin. Burke, a Democrat, announced her intention in a web video.

Bicycle safety: Rules of the road
Daily Emerald – 10/6/13
According to Governing Magazine, in 2011, just over 7 percent of workers commuted by bicycle in Eugene Ore. The congestion from cyclists, pedestrians and cars along East 13th Avenue moving at different speeds and directions can lead to accidents and run-ins. Cycling is an efficient method of transportation, but according to Oregon law a bicycle is a vehicle and is required to follow the rules of the road. Failure to follow these rules can lead to traffic violations just as in a motorized vehicle.

Kansas City ‘Tweed’ Bicycle Ride Favors Style Over Speed
KCUR – 10/6/12
“Today the weather is absolutely perfect for this kind of a ride,” said Conard, dressed in a large, vintage tweed jacket and plaid pants. He said he had been looking forward to joining the Kansas City Tweed Ride since the day he found the rusty bike frame for five dollars at a bike swap this summer. It had taken him six weeks to rebuild the bike from salvaged parts.

Car-Centric Spain Begins To Embrace The Bicycle
NPR – 10/6/13
For the first time on record, bicycles have outsold cars in Spain. Higher taxes on fuel and on new cars have prompted cash-strapped Spaniards to opt for two wheels instead of four. Last year, 780,000 bicycles were sold in the country — compared to 700,000 cars. That’s due to a 4 percent jump in bike sales, and a 30 percent drop in sales of new cars.

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