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Weird in it’s normality

The so-called weird bike is a child’s rendition of a penny farthing pulling an ordinary gardening cart. It seems odd to me that this video could be considered weird. A suburban kid riding his bike to the store for milk. What could be more mundane? Yet since the bike and the trailer are both atypical the scene takes on special meaning. There is a story behind this. One that we must manufacture to satisfy our own curiosity.

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Some of the coolest, dumbest and most dangerous bikes I’ve ever seen

Weird and Dangerous on eBay

I thought these things had gone the way of lawn darts, available only from feral tribes living in burned-out warehouses clinging to the underbelly of the great lakes rust belt. But here it is available for anyone with some spare cash to buy.

I have only a vague memory of one of my siblings having one of these when I was young. However, the strongest memory is that none of us could make it move on any consistent basis except for shooting out from under us as we fell to our faces.

It’s funny because the physics involved look simple enough but for some reason or other they just don’t live up to their potential.

See the full listing on eBay.

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The Bikes are Getting Weird! – Bike News Review – 10/6/12

Solar powered bicycle? Beware scam artists
Off Grid – 10/6/12
A group of scam artists have launched a web site selling a solar powered bicycle. But the only thing it will end up powering is their bank account.

Party Pals Say Let the Good Times Roll—On a Bicycle Built for 16
Wall Street Journal – 10/5/12
Ms. Kelly and her friends were taking a spin on a giant, four-wheeled bike with a fake beer-barrel on the front and room for 16 passengers. Variously known as a PedalPub, Party Bike or a Bar Hopper, the slow-moving behemoths are powered by 10 pedalers, who sit on stools on either side of a long, wooden bar. Most of the bikes in the U.S. are imported from the Netherlands, but U.S. competitors have gotten into the market. In the past few years, the bikes have spread to more than two dozen U.S. cities—from Minneapolis to Austin, and Portland, Ore., to Charlotte, N.C.

The Bicymple is the bicycle simplified, literally
Gizmag – 10/5/12
The Bicymple is different from standard bikes in one very obvious way: the pedals are located on the back wheel, offering direct drive rather than achieving motion by way of a chain and gears. In this way, the Bicymple resembles a unicycle, but with the addition of a front wheel, a frame, and handlebars.


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Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

I am no fan of tall bikes but if that’s your thing, have fun.

This thing however is just bat whack crazy. I would love to see someone try to ride this. Though I bet it does hella wheelies. With that donut of a front wheel wheelies might be the safest approach.

You’d also have to be on the lighter side or that seat post will snap in two over the first bump.

All that said, while I doubt it’s usable as a bike, it’s a really cool work of art. Sort of an abstract bike. Something out of Dr. Suess maybe.

See the complete listing on eBay


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