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Bike News Review – 7/30/14

More Seniors Are Biking in SF and Around the Country
SF Bicycle Coalition – 7/30/14
So, who is riding more? Well, just about everyone. Ridership in every age group has dramatically increased between 1995 and 2009, according to the latest US Census data. But it’s the older age groups that saw the biggest jump in ridership. Over a third of the increase in bicycling nation-wide came from people between the ages of 60 and 79!

Houston’s Plan to Make “Bicycle Interstates” Out of Its Utility Network
Streets Blog – 7/29/14
Long lanes of grass alongside power lines are almost as ubiquitous in Houston as highways. There are roughly 500 miles of high-voltage utility rights-of-way criss-crossing the city, and they’re mostly just dead spaces, forming weedy barriers between neighborhoods. What could the city do if it repurposed these underused spaces? Inspired by an article in Rice University’s Cite Magazine, Alyson Fletcher decided to write her master’s thesis at the Cornell University landscape architecture program on that question. She drafted a proposal to turn these linear, grassy areas into a “recreational super-highway” — and it’s starting to look like a real possibility.

Urban Velo – 7/24/14
Bike camping seems to be the rage right now, but for slower traveling nomads or those living in the city, popping up a tent in public gets you in trouble almost immediately. An Amsterdam artist, Bas Sprakel, has considered this dilemma and created an intermediate between bike camping and homeless domiciles, called the HouseTrike. The mobile temporary home includes a bed with an internal locking mechanism for safety. Sprakel is considering making adjustments in the next fabrication and taking the bike on a tour of Europe to show it’s practical nature.

A look back at the early days of D.C.’s bicycling laws
Washington Post – 7/21/14
In 1969, John Volpe, Richard Nixon’s secretary of transportation, told the District’s appointed council chairman, Gil Hahn, to explore alternatives to commuting by automobile. Carl used to ride his bike to work from his home on Capitol Hill and so was a good person to look into what it would take to make the city friendlier to cyclists.

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Bike News Review – 7/22/14

Join us at PedalFest in Oakland, CA, July 26
Bicycle Times – 7/16/14
PedalFest is a epic, free celebration of all things bicycle in Jack London Square. No matter what type of cyclists you are, you’re sure to find something fun, including a chance to meet some of the most legendary American cyclists.

Helping San Francisco Build More (and better) Bike Parking
SF Bicycle Coalition – 7/16/14
From on-street bike racks, bike corrals, and secure indoor bike parking, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is leading the charge in making sure you have a safe, convenient space to lock your bike at home, at your office and when you’re out on the town. We work closely with the City to provide free on-street bike racks and corrals for businesses, help employees and building managers understand and use the employee bike access bill, and provide bike parking consultations to our business members. And now that the City’s bike parking requirements for new buildings is in effect, we see a great opportunity to engage architects, designers, and developers to make sure they’re designing innovative, convenient, and attractive bike parking spaces.

Guttenberg gearing up for RAGBRAI with bicycle sculptures
KWWL – 7/15/14
Guttenberg is gearing up for two days of RAGBRAI visitors, as Guttenberg is the final city on this year’s route. It’s bikes, bikes everywhere right now in the small Mississippi River town, as part of the Guttenberg RAGBRAI Committee’s Recycle Bicycle community-wide art project.

Growing pains in our nation’s capital
Bike Commuters – 7/14/14
the continued friction between motorists and the growing ranks of cyclists on city streets. Some of this is happening in cities that have seen recent surges in bike infrastructure and the people using that infrastructure, including our own Washington D.C. Over the past couple of weeks, there’s been an acrimonious back-and-forth in the Washington Post consisting of editorial columns, one of which resulting in a two-wheeled protest in front of the newspaper’s offices.

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Bike News Review – 7/11/14

Ride like a girl
Nikki Lee – 7/7/14
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a woman? Go get your bike. (I encourage you to grab a helmet, too, but there’s a surprising amount of debate about that one.) All set? Great. Go ride to work. Ride everywhere.

Hey, infuriated D.C. bikers and drivers, can’t we all just get along?
Washington Post – 7/12/14
Bottom line: Everyone is right. And wrong. Too many cyclists ride the streets and sidewalks like they’re above the law and own the place. Too many drivers haul around town in a ton of metal, oblivious that a careless right turn can kill someone.

Five Car-Free Spots to Bike in San Francisco
SF Bike Coalition – 7/7/14
Want to hone your biking skills or practice pedaling with your kids before riding on the streets? There are a lot of great car-free spaces to bike in San Francisco. Here is a list of a few of our favorites:

San Francisco Newspaper Brings Back Bicycle Delivery
CBS Local SF – 7/6/14
Michael Stoll, executive director of San Francisco Public Press, says the idea of bicycle delivery in a light-speed media landscape had plenty of naysayers.

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Bike News Review

Locked and overloaded: D.C.’s bike racks can’t keep up with demand
Washington Post – 5/13/14
Co-workers Stavely Lord and David Hambric both thought it’d be smart to ride their bikes to happy hour on 14th Street last Friday night. The moment they arrived, they realized the problem with this plan: parking. Every rack was packed. And all of the meters and street signs in sight were already sporting Kryptonite locks. The only spot left was along one side of a tree box.

NorCal coalition sponsors ‘Bike to Shop Day’
Bicycle Retailer – 5/14/14
In recognition of National Bike Month, the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is sponsoring “Bike to Shop Day” on Saturday, May 17, with 90 area retailers to encourage cycling for short trips and errands and to promote shopping locally.

Mansfield city council looks at options for bicycle plans
Star-Telegram – 5/12/14
The City Council on Monday got a look at a scaled-backed master plan to make Mansfield streets more welcoming to bicyclists, starting with a $300,000, three-year implementation schedule to ease into the program with share-the-road signs and other less-expensive measures.
(Article has a nice overview of the varying bicycle infrastructure costs. – Tom)

San Francisco Bicycle Thefts Up 70 Percent Over Past 5 Years
CBS Local SF – 5/12/14
While smartphone thefts have been getting a lot of recent attention, three times as many bicycles are stolen in San Francisco every year as iPhones.

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Bike News Review – 6/12/13

Bicycle racks open up city to riders
Ottumwa Courier – 6/11/13
Community Transformation Grant director Joni Elder said too often riding the city bus is stigmatized as being “only for poor people — and that’s just not true.” Taking the bus is the perfect form of alternate transportation, she said, and now being able to sling your bicycle on the front of a bus provides the public with more access to more of the city.

Bike Washington, DC
Bicycling – 6/10/13
Once the sole domain of stalwart commuters, messengers, and spandexed roadies, Washington, DC, is now home to a diverse cycling culture thanks to a flourishing 56-mile bike-lane network and one of the nation’s largest bike shares.

BIKES: Science on Two Wheels
Carnegie Science Center
Carnegie Science Center is teaming up with The Bicycle Museum of America, Bicycle Heaven, and others to offer a diverse collection of historic, rare, peculiar, and all-around amazing bikes! Visitors will enjoy science demonstrations and hands-on exhibits that explore energy, forces and motion, engineering, and material science. Starts June 15

Bicycling in Florida: Is there trouble in paradise?
The Daytona Beach News Journal – 6/9/13
Florida has had the highest bicycle and pedestrian fatality rate in the nation. Additionally, of the most dangerous counties to ride a bike in Florida, Volusia County is in the top 10. We want to change that. This is one top 10 list we do not want to be on.


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