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A mutant trikapedalcar on eBay

Briggs-powered death trike on eBay

briggsIt may no longer fulfill the definition of bicycle but there are bike parts there so I’m willing to overlook a few technicalities.

This machine is a rolling paradox. It has some very interesting engineering and some complete lapses in judgment. (Mainly committed by anyone who tries to ride the thing.)

If you look closely you will see that it has disc brakes. Impressive. In comparison with most enginized bicycles the location of the engine is nice and low which would aide in handling and stability. There is a differential which means the rear wheels will not bind when cornering. All very good.

On the other hand you are sitting right on top of a high-revving flathead engine. Hot seat would be an appropriate tag. Not to mention the potential for piston enema should anything go wrong down there.

Finally the scariest part. I may be wrong, I’ve looked at the other pictures very carefully, but it looks like it doesn’t have a centrifugal clutch. That would mean it’s direct drive. That means no sitting and idling. If the engine is running, you’re moving. Makes riding in any kind of traffic awkward.

See the full listing on eBay

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Video of the single coolest trike ever

Funkiest adult trike I ever done seen

Never have I so badly wanted such an ugly machine.There is just so much that isn’t normal about it, but that’s what makes it so great.

Starting from the front, that thing attached to the fork isn’t a suspension. It’s housing the rod brake. For some reason I have a special place in my heart for rod brakes. Speaking of the fork, it’s almost straight up and down. I imagine that would make it twitchy at speed.

The fully enclosed chain guard is a beauty. It distracted me to the point that I almost missed an important feature of the bike. The axis of the cranks is barely forward the front of the rear wheels. That means for half of each revolution your feet are between the frame and the rear wheel. No bell bottoms allowed.

Then when we look at the center of the rear wheels we notice another surprise. The seat is mounted directly above the rear axle. Those of us who came of age on banana seat bikes know this means it will do hella-wheelies. Maybe that’s the real reason they put that big heavy housing up front.

With two days to go nobody has offered the $150 opening bid. That mixed with $50 shipping makes it very attractive to a freak bike freak like me.

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Not your average tricycle

old adult tricycleI love a well-designed tricycle. I love old bikes. I love wheelie bikes. I never thought I’d see one bike that was all three.

This eBay find is awesome. I’d love to get my hands on it and see what could be done. Alas, it lives in Illinois and is for local pickup only. I’m not sure I’d go much past the $49.95 opening bid, but who knows.

See the full listing

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