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The right bike in the wrong place

pashleyBelieve it or not there is a really cool little bike in that pile of junk. A hand-made English banana-seated three-wheeler with a surprisingly small front wheel. I’ve never seen one like it.

The problem though is the presentation. Would you expect to get $250, the opening bid, for anything displayed in a junk pile? I wouldn’t. How difficult would it have been to drag it a few feet for a more pleasing picture?

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If an ice cream bike has no cooler is it still an ice cream bike?

icecreambikeIf only I had a white suit and a paper hat. OK, the cooler would be useful as well. Or if you were so-inclined you could add any number of cargo or passenger contraptions to the front of this thing and have a wonderful vehicle.

I love the leaf springs. The modern ice cream carts that roam the mission district have little or no suspension. At least that’s the indication I get from the pained expressions of the riders whenever they hit a bump.

This is a great starter for any number of projects but the starting bid of $290 puts is well beyond my project budget. Ah well, can’t win them all.

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all

shiftertrikeAt first glance this trike has some nice touches. The chrome bling up front, the double reflectors, the mini sissy bar at the bike, and of course nothing beats a double step.

Now look carefully at what sits between the handlebars. It’s a pretend car-like shifter. THAT IS SO COOL!

I can hear in my mind the noises made by the kid who first rode this changing pitch from gear to gear. Ah the imaginary memories.

The opening bid is only $49.99 and the shipping is $34.99. Well worth it. I wish I needed a tricycle.

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Another solution to the “tricycle problem”

rearsteerAs you know the “tricycle problem” is that since the front wheel on the typical trike steers and pedals it’s difficult to maintain power while cornering.

The usual way to avoid this is to drive the rear wheels through a chain or some other mechanism. This oldie though took the opposite approach. They locked down the front wheel and linked the handle bars to the rear wheels.

Rear steer isn’t entirely a bad idea. It’s common among fork lifts It does take some getting used to though, and given a tricycle high center of gravity and the single front wheel I expect many a child tumbled sideways when attempting a sharp turn at speed.

Technology aside this is a beautiful machine. The rounded front frame rails that pull back into a tear drop shape are a work of art. The front fender complements the frame in color and shape.

Unfortunately I’m not the only one whose impressed. With just under five days to go the current bid is $164.50 plus $39.99 shipping.

See the full listing on eBay


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