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Self-driving Ubers bad
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A Warning to People Who Bike: Self-Driving Ubers and Right Hook Turns

Before the surprise launch of Ubers autonomous vehicles on San Francisco streets this week, I rode in one. I can tell you firsthand: Those vehicles are not yet ready for our streets.

I was at one of the demonstrations covered in the SF Examiner, along with others who Uber hoped to impress with their new technology. None of us were told that just two days later, Uber would be releasing this technology on our streets on a large scale. I did tell Uber some things about the shortcomings of that technology, however.


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Bike News Review – Trails and Infrastructure

How vehicularists and infrastructurists could join up to fix U.S. suburbs
People For Bikes – 1/19/15
It’s understandable why vehicular cycling techniques thrive in suburban America. In the absence of good bike infrastructure, taking the middle of the travel lane really is the safest way to ride — uncomfortable though that is for many of us. But if American suburbs are ever going to be made truly better for biking, today’s suburban bicycle drivers will need to find common ground with me and my fellow fans of Dutch infrastructure.

Marin residents concerned about elimination of bicycle and pedestrian pathways along SMART train
Marin Journal – 1/16/15
Patrick Seidler, president of Transportation Alternatives for Marin, said voters approved construction of a bicycle and pedestrian pathway parallel to the train when they approved the SMART legislation, Measure Q, in 2008. He said recent documents circulated by SMART eliminate parts of the pathway, despite being previously mentioned in plans.

Regional bicycle connections meeting scheduled for Jan. 26
Penn Live – 1/16/15
The study is looking at ways to make bicycle travel safer and more convenient quickly, without expensive improvements. It tries to connect useful locations, including schools, tourist attractions and major employers. It also includes information on public transportation in order to expand the distance a bicycle rider can travel without a car. Creating regional bicycle connections will increase the region’s transportation options, according to Derry Township supervisor Sandy Ballard, who has been spearheading the effort.

Improving our Regional Connections
SF Bicycle Coalition – 1/16/15
Bikes were historically excluded from our bridges and banned from our public transit, but we’ve made huge progress on this front since advocates began fighting for improvements and inclusion. While there’s still more to be done, take a look at how far we’ve come.

Myrtle Beach’s ‘iconic’ pedestrian, bicycle routes named as Knight Cities finalist
Myrtle Beach Online – 1/12/15
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation announced Monday that the “iconic loop routes” idea submitted by the city or Myrtle Beach is one of the 126 finalists in the Knight Cities Challenge that will offer $5 million to winning innovative projects that offer the “best idea to make cities more successful.”


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Bike News Review – 8/7/14

Arcata Bike Sting! or: Just Because A Bicycle is Unsecured Doesn’t Mean You Can Take It, Bro
Lost Coast Outpost – 8/5/14
The City of Arcata and specifically the Downtown area, have seen a significant number of bicycle thefts during the day time hours. In an attempt to proactively combat this on going problem, on 08/05/2014 the Arcata Police Department conducted a “Bicycle Sting” operation in the Downtown area. A bicycle was left unsecured in an identified high crime location. Officers then conducted surveillance on the bicycle.

The Louisiana Liberty Bill of 1890
New Orleans Cycling History – 7/19/14
Signed by Governor Francis T Nicholls on June 13, 1890, House Bill No. 81, also known as the Louisiana Liberty Bill, granted all bicycles and tricycles and other foot or hand operated vehicles full rights to public roads.

Transportation Ballot Measure Fails to Balance Transportation Needs
SF Weekly – 8/1/14
A bunch of people have collected 17,500 signatures to push an initiative onto the November ballot dubbed Restore Transportation Balance in San Francisco. You’d assume with a name like, the measure might actually address balancing transportation needs of the city’s population. Then again, you might also assume the Tea Party is about tea.

Bicycle tourism has big impact on state economy
Ravalli Republic – 7/30/14
The Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research recently published a study estimating that 565,372 cyclists rode through Montana in 2012. On average, those cyclists spent 8.8 nights in the state and spent more than $75 per day, for a total of $377 million spent by touring cyclists in Montana in 2012.

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Bike News Review – 7/22/14

Join us at PedalFest in Oakland, CA, July 26
Bicycle Times – 7/16/14
PedalFest is a epic, free celebration of all things bicycle in Jack London Square. No matter what type of cyclists you are, you’re sure to find something fun, including a chance to meet some of the most legendary American cyclists.

Helping San Francisco Build More (and better) Bike Parking
SF Bicycle Coalition – 7/16/14
From on-street bike racks, bike corrals, and secure indoor bike parking, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is leading the charge in making sure you have a safe, convenient space to lock your bike at home, at your office and when you’re out on the town. We work closely with the City to provide free on-street bike racks and corrals for businesses, help employees and building managers understand and use the employee bike access bill, and provide bike parking consultations to our business members. And now that the City’s bike parking requirements for new buildings is in effect, we see a great opportunity to engage architects, designers, and developers to make sure they’re designing innovative, convenient, and attractive bike parking spaces.

Guttenberg gearing up for RAGBRAI with bicycle sculptures
KWWL – 7/15/14
Guttenberg is gearing up for two days of RAGBRAI visitors, as Guttenberg is the final city on this year’s route. It’s bikes, bikes everywhere right now in the small Mississippi River town, as part of the Guttenberg RAGBRAI Committee’s Recycle Bicycle community-wide art project.

Growing pains in our nation’s capital
Bike Commuters – 7/14/14
the continued friction between motorists and the growing ranks of cyclists on city streets. Some of this is happening in cities that have seen recent surges in bike infrastructure and the people using that infrastructure, including our own Washington D.C. Over the past couple of weeks, there’s been an acrimonious back-and-forth in the Washington Post consisting of editorial columns, one of which resulting in a two-wheeled protest in front of the newspaper’s offices.

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Bike News Review – 7/11/14

Ride like a girl
Nikki Lee – 7/7/14
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a woman? Go get your bike. (I encourage you to grab a helmet, too, but there’s a surprising amount of debate about that one.) All set? Great. Go ride to work. Ride everywhere.

Hey, infuriated D.C. bikers and drivers, can’t we all just get along?
Washington Post – 7/12/14
Bottom line: Everyone is right. And wrong. Too many cyclists ride the streets and sidewalks like they’re above the law and own the place. Too many drivers haul around town in a ton of metal, oblivious that a careless right turn can kill someone.

Five Car-Free Spots to Bike in San Francisco
SF Bike Coalition – 7/7/14
Want to hone your biking skills or practice pedaling with your kids before riding on the streets? There are a lot of great car-free spaces to bike in San Francisco. Here is a list of a few of our favorites:

San Francisco Newspaper Brings Back Bicycle Delivery
CBS Local SF – 7/6/14
Michael Stoll, executive director of San Francisco Public Press, says the idea of bicycle delivery in a light-speed media landscape had plenty of naysayers.

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