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Bike News Review – 9/5/13

The 233-Year History of the Bicycle In One Handy Chart
Gizmodo – 9/4/13
For their latest foray into in-depth visual breakdowns, data viz wizards at PopChartLab have turned their attention to the design evolution of cycles dating back a whopping 233 years. Organized chronologically from top to bottom and color-coded by style of ride, the graphic gives a neat glimpse at how the styles have changed through the years.

Beer for your Adventure Ride
Bike Hugger – 9/4/13
We all know beer in a bottle cage isn’t going to work so well or carrying a six-pack/half rack/pony keg on your big adventure ride. Without a store nearby, what’s a beer-drinking adventure cyclist supposed to do? That’s what Pat from Backcountry Beverages thought too and out of necessity, invented a beer concentrate and bottle fizzer.

Portland’s Bicycle Revolution Started with a Lawsuit!
Huffington Post – 9/4/13
Introduced and championed by a Republican legislator from Jacksonville, Don Stathos, the “bicycle bill,” ORS366.514, actually directed state and local governments to provide safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities as part of every road project as well as requiring that at least 1 percent of state transportation funds be spent on these kind of projects every year.

The Coming Battle Over Electric Bicycles
The Atlantic Cities – 9/4/13
The electric bicycle has so far remained a novelty item in the United States, but manufacturers, retailers, and analysts say that will soon change. Fueled by soaring numbers of bike commuters and rapidly evolving battery technology, the electric bicycle is poised for a breakthrough, if it can only roll over legal obstacles and cultural prejudices.



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Bike News Review – 7/4/13

Revelo LIFEbike by Henry Chong
Bicycle Design – 7/3/13
I mentioned Henry Chong in a 2010 post about electric bikes that were pushing the boundaries of the category, so it is no surprise that his latest e-bike doesn’t look like the ones you see on the market today. Unlike his speed oriented Panasonic e-bike concept, the Revelo LIFEbike (Lightweight, Intelligent, Flexible, Electric bike) is a “minimalist, chainless, e-bike with a front wheel pedaling configuration.”

‘Soft’ sidewalks to reduce bicycle crashes
Tree Hugger – 7/3/13
At the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), researchers are working on a new form of asphalt that has enough friction to reduce bicyclists’ slide-outs, while at the same time it cushions vibrations if a cyclist does fall.

Bicycle commuting: A guide to surviving the summer heat
The Oregonian – 7/3/13
nothing is more unforgiving on even a short-distance cyclist’s body than the heat waves of summer. With temperatures dancing in the 90s this week, MAX trains aren’t the only vehicles that should take it slow.


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Bike News Review – 5/29/13

City Club committee proposes bicycle excise tax
Sustainable Business Oregon – 5/29/13
A 4 percent excise tax on new bicycle sales, with revenue steered toward the production and distribution of bicycle safety materials, bicycle safety programs at schools and community centers and the purchase and installation of additional automated bicycle counters.

Lancaster man uses his bicycle to power his recycling business
Lancaster Online – 5/28/13
Scavenging metal appliances and fixtures people want to discard was a hobby of Duncan’s for a couple of years. But this spring he gave up temp-agency jobs to see if he could turn junk removal into a living.

Bicycle accidents on Memorial Causeway Bridge stump planners
Tampa Bay Times – 5/28/13
County and city representatives have formed a task force, which met last week. They discussed the subtleties of bridge and bicycle mechanics in greater detail than many people ever have or will. But as the discussion of how to improve the bridge’s safety for cyclists moves forward, officials are stumbling over a vexing question: How do you regulate or engineer against bad behavior?

Bicycle sharing gets in gear in N.Y.
SF Chronicle – 5/28/13
The nation’s biggest bicycle-sharing program got rolling Monday, as thousands of New Yorkers got their first chance to ride a network billed as a new form of public transit in a city known for it.

Sacramento metal artist creates bicycle racks with flair
Sacramento Bee – 5/24/13
Riders were securing their bikes to lamp posts and power poles, and even the little fences that encircle sidewalk cafes. “There just weren’t many good places to lock up bikes,” said the Sacramento metal artist. “I saw this as a way to create public art and have it be functional. It looked like a great market.”


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Bike News Review – 3/27/13

Eastern Oregon hunting ranch reinvents itself as bicycle tourism destination
Bike Portland – 3/26/13
A 300 acre ranch located near a ghost town about 190 miles east of Portland is the latest sign that bicycle tourism is poised to deliver a jolt to Oregon’s rural economies.

SF Supervisors Urge BART to Remove Bike Blackout
SF Bike Coalition – 3/26/13
Today, Supervisor John Avalos introduced a resolution at the Board of Supervisors urging BART to permanently lift the blackout ban and make it easier for Bay Area residents to commute regionally by bike. The resolution was unanimously approved by the full Board of Supervisors, and shows growing support for opening up all day access for bikes by City leaders.

Bicycle-bound security forces keep parking lots safe
Casino City Times – 3/25/13
He’s the guy in the black cargo pants, neon green shirt and the Cannondale mountain bike as his vehicle and there’s a chance that Lino Haynes will be the first employee who greets you at Red Rock Resort in Summerlin. Haynes is among the hundreds of security officers at Las Vegas’ hotel-casinos and convention facilities who roam sprawling parking lots and garages looking for the bad guys while also offering a helpful greeting to visitors.

Paddling around a bicycle factory
Daily Times – 3/25/13
Ever wondered where your bicycle comes from? Here is the factory where they make everything from the rubber handle-grips to the plastic paddles, mudguard and reflectors. The owner sells these parts to wholesalers from where individual shopkeepers buy for retail stores.


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Bike News Review – 1/21/13

New bike range, made from diecast metal, retailing at £5.99
Bike Biz – 1/21/13
Pocketbond is showcasing its 15cm Toyway diecast bicycle assortment, featuring BMX and mountain bike models, at Olympia-set Toy Fair, running January 22nd to 24th this week. Counter display units fit 24 bicycles (six types available) and the bikes retail at £5.99 each.

Bicycle diaries
Jakarta Post – 1/20/13
Be it fixie, mountain bike or road racers, riders can be easily spotted on the streets despite the lack of designated lanes. Below are a selection of the most interesting and useful biking blogs on the Internet.

Bicycle tourism center at Oregon City Amtrak station gets green light
The Oregonian – 1/17/13
A plan to turn Oregon City’s vacant and unused Amtrak Station into a useful passenger station and a center catering to bicycle tourists got the Urban Renewal Commission’s blessing Wednesday.


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