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Bicycles to Make Deliveries
Times of Malta – 8/24/12
The Bicycling Advocacy Group would like to congratulate the Sliema council on its stand in trying to address the safety of cyclists by providing access, with suitable and fair restrictions, to the promenade areas within its locality, as recently reported in The Times.

Bike University — Bicycle repair tips for avid bikers
The Baltimore Sun- 8/23/12
Die-hard bikers, put on your helmets and get ready to learn how to save yourself when you really need to. The Bike Shop of Bel Air offers a survival maintenance course that can help you while you are riding and encounter a problem with your bike.

Spokes bicycle enthusiasts hopes to hook local immigrants
Minnesota Public Radio – 8/25/12
A new bike and walk resource center called Spokes opened this week in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, with its organizers hoping to get the area’s East African community to ride bikes for recreation, transportation and health.

For bicycling, safety’s in numbers
Wausau Daily Herald – 8/25/12
Proclaiming “3 feet — It’s the law,” advocates say they hope the signs caused drivers to be more alert to bikes. There’s evidence that safety initiatives have indeed worked to reduce accidents.

The Political Economy of Utility Bicycling
Bacon’s Rebellion – 8/26/12
By the year 2015 Richmond plans to have 140 miles of dedicated bike lanes and “sharrows” (bike lanes sharing streets with cars).

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Around the world, past and future – Bike News Review – 8/20/12

Bad idea of the week: an invisible bicycle helmet
Sydney Morning Herald – 8/20/12
The “invisible bicycle helmet” deploys like an airbag before impact — you hope.

Bicycle station to come up at Hi-Tec City
The Times of India – 8/20/12
This two-storied station will have a parking space for 500 bicycles and apart from that it will also have food and beverage counters, washrooms and locker facility for public. Proposed on an area of 1300 sq yards which will be provided by the South Central Railway, this facility will rent out various models of geared and non-geared bicycles to the interested.

Frederick hosts high-wheel bike race
Washington Post – 8/19/12
As a form of transportation, the high-wheel bicycle is embarrassingly slow and ludicrously impractical. But as a smile-inducing, heart-pumping sightseeing machine, the high wheel, also known as a penny farthing because its big front wheel and tiny back wheel resemble an old English copper penny leading the much smaller coin, is in a league of its own.

Creating bikes and parts with a 3D printer
Bike Radar – 8/20/12
Today, 3D printing is very much helping the way bicycles are designed. Many bicycle manufacturers are finding benefits of the technology, using 3D printers to build prototypes of parts.



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Bike News Review – 8/16/12

Project Bikes Anonymous
Commute by Bike – 8/15/12
For every crazy cat lady, there must be dozens of women who are (as the bumper sticker says), “One bad relationship away from having 30 cats.” There is a bike equivalent to this phenomenon: Guys (as long as we’re indulging stereotypes) who can’t stop collecting stray bikes.

In Pittsburgh accidents, bicyclists not always to blame
Pittsburgh Post-Gazaette – 8/16/12
When two men died just a week apart while biking on Penn Avenue, the city mourned. Advocates called for greater safety and respect between motorists and cyclists. And for once, everyone on the city’s cramped streets agreed.

Cold Feet: Advocacy group merger called off
Bicycle Retailer – 8/16/12
The three largest U.S. bike advocacy groups have called off a proposed merger, saying it was just too difficult to meld together Bikes Belong, The League of American Bicyclists and the Alliance for Biking & Walking.

New-fangled bicycle, 1935
The Columbus Dispatch – 8/15/12
The cycloratio, latest development in pedal transportation, as demonstrated by a British lassie to the amusement of a London bobbie. The cycle made its appearance at the fourth annual Lightweight Cycle Show in London.

“Just Ride” urges less racing and more cycling for fun – 8/15/12
My beef with cycling culture is its obsession with speed and performance. What happened to casual fun? Fast is great and distances can satisfy, but do we have to go hard every time we go out?

Military bicycles: a short history
Bike Radar – 8/13/12
Bicycling has a long and colorful history in sport, but it is often forgotten that the bicycle has also been long used by military forces around the world.



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The Politics of Cycling – Bike News Review – 8/12/12

Art of bicycle maintenance puts young workers on a new path
Metro News – 8/8/12
The Learning Enrichment Foundation’s training program began in 2009 to meet the demand of Toronto bike shops that are inundated every spring with thousands of bicycles in boxes ready for assembly.

‘I’ll Keep Riding Bicycle As Long As Corruption Remains in Nigeria’
All Africa – 8/11/12
A retired civil servant in Bauchi State, Dr Sani Waziri, has vowed to keep riding bicycle until Nigeria tackles corruption. The widely travelled former director, who once served as project manager in Kuwait, tells Weekly Trust his reasons

Cycling on Florida’s roads less risky than reporter feared
Orlando Sentinel – 8/11/12
If we had expected a scenic hinterland spiced by inhospitable encounters with narrow shoulders and angry motorists, we were wrong; we found that Florida is surprisingly friendly to bicycles.

Unicycling teen gets sidewalk summons tossed
New York Post – 8/11/12
“Unicycling is not a crime!” Isaih Rosemond, 18, crowed after Judge John Delury tossed the ticket the Brooklyn teen said he never should gotten in the first place, because it’s not against the law to ride one-wheelers on the sidewalk.

Judge delays ruling in Armstrong and USADA case
Cycling News – 8/11/12
The ongoing Lance Armstrong doping case experienced further delays on Friday when U.S District Court Judge Sam Sparks gave both parties; Armstrong and USADA, a further seven days to deliver additional information.

Where the bike commuters are, mapped & analyzed
Switchboard – 8/10/12
The fonts are small – this image looks intended for a wall, not a computer – but look closely: the darker the state, the larger the share of total trips taken by bicycle, as opposed to driving, walking, or transit; the larger the maroon and yellow box, the larger the number of people commuting to work by bicycle.

Bike trail completed near Route 237
San Jose Mercury – 8/9/12
Originally built as a temporary easement used for more than a decade by California Department of Transportation crews to access the highway area, Zsutty said the former dirt and grass trail traveling east leads users to the existing Coyote Creek Trail, which is paved through Milpitas.

City looks to develop path to Bay Trail
The Daily Journal – 8/9/12
The city of San Mateo is seeking proposals to design a paved two-mile pedestrian and bicycle path along the existing city-owned creek drainage channel from the Hayward Park Caltrain station to the regional San Francisco Bay Trail.


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Really, a bike wine tour? – Bike News 5/1/12

BART Eyes Bike-Friendlier Future
NBC Bay Area – 5/1/12
Imagine: a world where you can take the escalator at BART stations, bicycle in hand, and where there’s special areas on BART train cars fit precisely for your two-wheeled commuting machine.

Adventuress Leslie Bailey finds bike polo a down-and-up affair
Indianapolis Star – 5/1/12
Far from a rich man’s game, bike polo can be played on the cheap, and on any hard surface, from a tennis court to an empty parking lot. One recent Sunday afternoon, I joined a pickup game at the tennis courts in Arsenal Park on the Northside.

5 ways to make biking to work an easy ride
CBS News – 5/1/12
Have you ever considered leaving your car in the garage and biking to work? It’s a multi-tasking dream scenario — get your workout in, get to work, and save gas money in the process.

Winery Bicycle Tours: Good or Bad Idea?
North Fork Patch – 4/30/12
Groupon is offering a special on group bicycle rides to and from wine tastings on the North Fork — but would you do it?

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