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Bike News Review – 11/16/14

Providence edges closer to bid for cyclo-cross World Cup
Cycling News – 11/16/14
The organisers of the KMC Cyclo-cross Festival in Providence, Rhode Island, announced this week that they intend to bid for inclusion in the UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup after receiving encouragement from both the UCI and the support of the state’s Governor, Lincoln Chafee, and the Mayor-elect of Providence, Jorge Elorza.

Council to consider bicycle cellphone ban
AM New York – 11/13/14
The bill would ban cellphone use while bicycling, with a safety class as punishment for first-time offenders. Treyger said he was inspired by a bicyclist texting while riding past his office on Stillwell Avenue, “veering into incoming traffic, almost causing a multi-car crash.”

Complete Bay Bridge Bike Path Moves Closer to Reality
SF Bike Coalition – 11/13/14
The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been working on this campaign for years, and we’re excited that there’s finally real momentum to get one step closer to construction. Over the last few months, different teams from internationally-renown architecture firms have been submitting their application to be chosen to design a feasible alternative for a West Span bicycle and pedestrian path.

New plan to remove shuttle buses, encourage bicycle use
Daily Sabah – 11/7/14
The Turkish government’s “transformation program” announced on Thursday will introduce major changes into many aspects of daily life in order to encourage economic growth. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, flanked by his ministers, outlined the program at a press conference, but millions in big cities were especially interested in one landmark aspect of the program: the removal of shuttle buses, school buses and the introduction of more bicycle lanes.





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Bike News Review – 5/29/14

Oshkosh makes more bicycle connections
Post Crescent – 5/28/14
With the addition of the Tribal Heritage Crossing, the city has completed one step in creating that system. Using a series of trails, cyclists, runners and pedestrians are able to travel from downtown to U.S. 41 where they can then cross Lake Butte des Morts using the newly constructed trail.

City introduces new seven-mile-long bicycle loop
KUSI – 5/27/14
The loop runs through San Diego’s major attractions, connecting cyclists to the heart of downtown. The loop runs through Little Italy and past the Convention Center on the bayfront. It circles past City College into Balboa Park before rolling into Banker’s Hill and into the Gaslamp Quarter.

Bicycle Scofflaw Crackdown Comes to Upper West Side
NY1 – 5/27/14
Police on the Upper West Side are not just cracking down on lawbreaking motorists — now they’re going after cyclists too. The NYPD says 38 tickets were handed out to bicyclists between April 21 and May 18, up from 17 during the same period last year. Riders were cited for running red lights and going against the traffic.


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Bike News Review

Bicycle Commuting Is an Easier Sell in Cambridge
Boston Magazine – 5/12/14
Because Cambridge sits next to Boston, it sometimes makes it easier to see the differences between smaller and larger cities. One of those differences: bicycle commuting. Nationwide, midsize cities attract fewer headlines for their embrace of bicycling, but they’re often places where the transit has taken greater hold than in big metropolises.

Bike commuting has increased 60% in last decade
Bicycle Retailer – 5/8/14
The U.S. Census Bureau says the number of people who traveled to work by bike increased roughly 60 percent over the last decade, from about 488,000 in 2000 to about 786,000 during the 2008-2012 period. This is the largest percentage increase of any commuting method tracked by the 2000 Census and the 2008-2012 American Community Survey.

Dallas has a new bicycle coordinator who’s very eager to roll out the bike plan (from 2011)
Dallas News – 5/8/14
The city of Dallas has been without a bicycle coordinator for almost a year following the June adios of Max Kalhammer, who came to Dallas from D.C. in 2009 and stayed around just long enough to help launch the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan and then grow frustrated with his inability to roll out more than a few miles of bike lanes, most in or around downtown. But fret not, cyclists, as the position has been filled.

Blessed Be Thy Bicycle: New York Riders Roll Into Church
NPR – 5/5/14
It looked like some kind of bizarre wedding procession: Instead of flowers, participants held bicycles. Music played as they walked solemnly down the aisle toward the altar in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City on Saturday. There were fancy bikes tricked out with neon-colored tires, folding bikes, bikes laden with saddle bags. One woman brought a bike-share bicycle. The event took place a day ahead of the Five Boro Bike Tour, which is sort of like the New York Marathon on wheels. For the past 16 years, cyclists have been coming to the church to get blessed for the big ride, and for the rest of the year.


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Bike News Review

Icon branches out into electric bicycles with new E-Flyer
Autoblog – 11/5/13
What we’re looking at is the Icon E-Flyer, the Californian company’s new electric bike. It’s inspired by early World War I-era board racers, but packs a 3,500-Watt electric motor and 52v battery. Limited to 750 Watts for the road, it’ll carry you for 35 miles on a two-hour charge. It’ll top out at 36 miles per hour derestricted, but is limited to 20 mph for the road.
(The first e-Bike I could imagine Marlon Brando riding. – Tom)

New Poll Finds Strong Support for More, Better Biking in San Francisco
SF Bicycle Coalition – 11/4/13
Results of a new independent poll of San Francisco voters, conducted by David Binder Research and released today, show strong support for City leaders to encourage more biking in San Francisco, including expanding the nascent Bike Share system, adding more physically separated bikeways to increase safety, and ensuring bicycling is comfortable and safe for residents of all ages.

Let My Bicycle Go
NY Times – 11/4/13
This summer I bicycled into Manhattan from Brooklyn to meet a friend at the Soho House, and when I came out to unlock my bike and go home, I found that someone had locked their bicycle to mine.

Gainesville Police now offers online bicycle registration
The Independent Florida Alligator – 11/1/13
Theft is the No. 1 crime problem at UF, and bicycles are the main target, according to the University Police website. Though bicycle thievery is common at UF, Graham said it is probably more common for students who live off campus. A majority of the thievery happens in residents’ own backyards, he said.

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Bike News Review – 5/29/13

City Club committee proposes bicycle excise tax
Sustainable Business Oregon – 5/29/13
A 4 percent excise tax on new bicycle sales, with revenue steered toward the production and distribution of bicycle safety materials, bicycle safety programs at schools and community centers and the purchase and installation of additional automated bicycle counters.

Lancaster man uses his bicycle to power his recycling business
Lancaster Online – 5/28/13
Scavenging metal appliances and fixtures people want to discard was a hobby of Duncan’s for a couple of years. But this spring he gave up temp-agency jobs to see if he could turn junk removal into a living.

Bicycle accidents on Memorial Causeway Bridge stump planners
Tampa Bay Times – 5/28/13
County and city representatives have formed a task force, which met last week. They discussed the subtleties of bridge and bicycle mechanics in greater detail than many people ever have or will. But as the discussion of how to improve the bridge’s safety for cyclists moves forward, officials are stumbling over a vexing question: How do you regulate or engineer against bad behavior?

Bicycle sharing gets in gear in N.Y.
SF Chronicle – 5/28/13
The nation’s biggest bicycle-sharing program got rolling Monday, as thousands of New Yorkers got their first chance to ride a network billed as a new form of public transit in a city known for it.

Sacramento metal artist creates bicycle racks with flair
Sacramento Bee – 5/24/13
Riders were securing their bikes to lamp posts and power poles, and even the little fences that encircle sidewalk cafes. “There just weren’t many good places to lock up bikes,” said the Sacramento metal artist. “I saw this as a way to create public art and have it be functional. It looked like a great market.”


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