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Almost Missed This One

mantarayAt first glance this appears to be just another Schwinn shifter bike in need of a pile of parts and work. I had in ignorance assumed that the 24 inch tire reference in the title was a mistake. It was not.

The Manta Ray was an attempt to capture part of the bigger kid market with the ever so successful String Ray style bike. Judging by the fact that it was only sold for two years indicates that it was not a success.

When this bike came out in 1970 I was riding a 20 inch Columbia riff-off of the Sting Ray. What I lusted after at that time was my neighbors 10 speed. A larger version of what I already had would not have been appealing.

Ironically I instead graduated to an old balloon tire bike because it looked so cool even though it was slower and less agile than my banana seater.

There are two things I love about the eBay listing for this bike. First, the current bid is $12.71 with no reserve and shipping of only $50. Very tempting. Second, in the description the seller states that, “It looks to be all there.” The goes on to list the parts that are missing. I don’t think the conflict was intentional. I’m guessing it was an editing error.

See the full eBay listing


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