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Manly bike on eBay

A manly bike surrounded by dust and machines.

manly bikeIt may have been sitting for some time but once this was a working man’s manly bike. Look at that saggy basket. How many tons of stuff did it carry in its career? A well-worn machine if ever there was one.

A bit of grease on the bearing, some lube on the chain and a couple new tubes and this old guy would be ready for action. I don’t thin I could bring myself to clean it up or derust it. A sacrilege. A betrayal of its heritage.

Once again my desire to have a sweet vintage ride is stirred. Once again geography denies me. The bike is in Delaware. (A state I misspell with alarming regularity.) Though my sister lives in Maryland. She has a garage.

With 5 days to go there are no bids. The $50 opener is fair and mighty tempting. Seriously, Maryland is like right next to Delaware. Right?

Look at this on eBay

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