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Bike News Review – 10/20/13

The Rise of the Bicycle-Friendly Suburb
The Atlantic Cities – 10/18/13
Welcoming bicycles to the streets isn’t just an urban thing anymore. Increasingly, according to the new rankings of “Bicycle Friendly Communities” released by the League of American Bicyclists this week, suburbs are getting in on the act.

Manhattan Traffic Moves Faster After Bike Lanes, Pedestrian Enhancements
Urban Velo – 10/18/13
One of the more common reasons the general public resists the addition of bicycle lanes and pedestrian enhancements is the (false) thought that it will increase traffic congestions. On the contrary, getting people out of cars and onto bikes, public transit and their own two feet lessens congestions, making automobile traffic move easier and faster. Everyone wins.

FlyKly smart bicycle wheel gives riders electric momentum
CNet – 10/17/13
FlyKly’s smart wheel is designed to fit on just about any bicycle; it’s lightweight (nine pounds), runs on a 36V Lithium battery, and its electric motor is so thin that it fits snugly around the spokes of the wheel.

Keeping It Wheel: St. Paul teens’ bicycle and movie-making adventure
Twin Cities Daily Planet – 10/17/13
“Sore, painful, pretty country farms, small towns, things looked different, I learned alot.” That’s how Tiana Liggins and Shanay Miles, High School Recording Arts (HSRA) 12th grade students and cyclists, described their bicycle journey in the “Keeping it Wheel” documentary film project. With a group of twelve fellow classmates and staff advisors, including project coordinator Renee Swanson, they traveled by plane from Minnesota to Montréal, Canada and then biked 350 miles to Quebec City, Canada.

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