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Today’s stories deal with the  spiritual, economic and intellectual power of the bicycle. Including an actual positive story about Wal Mart.

The Power of the Bicycle: Afghanistan’s two-wheeled revolution
Cycling Tips – 2/9/15
Fueled by the belief that all women and girls deserve the same rights and opportunities as her own daughter, Galpin walked away from her career as an athletic trainer and used her own limited funds to launch Mountain2Mountain to empower and give voice to women and girls in conflict zones in Pakistan, Nepal and Afghanistan.

Made-in-America bikes hit Wal-Mart
Bicycle Retailer – 1/10/15
Bikes rolling out of Bicycle Corporation of America’s South Carolina factory are available to purchase in-store at various Wal-Mart locations nationwide, as well as on Wal-Mart’s website. BCA’s assembly factory is the first mass production of bikes in the U.S. in more than 15 years, and the bikes are being produced without an increase in price over previous imported models. BCA bikes retail for an average of $120.

Cycle tourism brings in dollars
Radio New Zealand – 1/10/15
Mr Gamble says he has been busier and has taken on more people to help with his cycling, backpacker and skiing businesses, while Ohakune’s motels, he says, are fuller and new cafes are opening. “Now we don’t have that stress of a bad winter [wondering] how are we going to survive through to the next winter? We don’t have to do that anymore.”

Portland-based Street Books lets patrons check out library books and return them when they can
PSFK – 1/10/15
Street Books is a bicycle-powered mobile library for people living outside in Portland, Oregon. Founded in June 2011 by artist and writer Laura Moulton, the service provides books with traditional cards and pockets inside the cover, which can be checked out and returned.

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