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Bike News Review – 8/7/14

Arcata Bike Sting! or: Just Because A Bicycle is Unsecured Doesn’t Mean You Can Take It, Bro
Lost Coast Outpost – 8/5/14
The City of Arcata and specifically the Downtown area, have seen a significant number of bicycle thefts during the day time hours. In an attempt to proactively combat this on going problem, on 08/05/2014 the Arcata Police Department conducted a “Bicycle Sting” operation in the Downtown area. A bicycle was left unsecured in an identified high crime location. Officers then conducted surveillance on the bicycle.

The Louisiana Liberty Bill of 1890
New Orleans Cycling History – 7/19/14
Signed by Governor Francis T Nicholls on June 13, 1890, House Bill No. 81, also known as the Louisiana Liberty Bill, granted all bicycles and tricycles and other foot or hand operated vehicles full rights to public roads.

Transportation Ballot Measure Fails to Balance Transportation Needs
SF Weekly – 8/1/14
A bunch of people have collected 17,500 signatures to push an initiative onto the November ballot dubbed Restore Transportation Balance in San Francisco. You’d assume with a name like, the measure might actually address balancing transportation needs of the city’s population. Then again, you might also assume the Tea Party is about tea.

Bicycle tourism has big impact on state economy
Ravalli Republic – 7/30/14
The Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research recently published a study estimating that 565,372 cyclists rode through Montana in 2012. On average, those cyclists spent 8.8 nights in the state and spent more than $75 per day, for a total of $377 million spent by touring cyclists in Montana in 2012.

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