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Love-starved Lotus on eBay

The siren song of the Lotus project

Lotus EliteI want this Lotus. If I was much younger and much less wise I would bid on it. Actually, if I had a garage and a better set of tools I would be bidding on it. I’m sure my wife would eventually forgive me.

This is the kind of car that pulls in us suckers. It’s all there, mostly. The important bits are all there. OK, the engine isn’t running. But seriously, how hard can it be to get a twin-cam, dual-carb engine running again? I’m sure the needed parts are available at the local car parts store.

The seller’s description is brief and accurate, “The car is not running and nothing works.” He or she also wins points in my book for having no reserve. With three days to go the bid is just over $200. That’s not bad for what was once the most expensive 4-cyl. car in the world. (Maybe I could rent a garage and borrow some tools.)

The Elite was an attempt by Lotus to move upscale. A move that failed to gain much traction. I love the looks of this car, but many automotive critics found it ugly. The odd body however produced a drag coefficient of 0.3. That’s not bad. (I assume that number is when the headlights are down.)

Of course, early cars were plagued with problems, but most of those were worked out by 1979 when this example was built.

So somebody please buy this, because Harbor Freight has a sale on engine hoists.

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