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What Happens When Amsterdam Maxes Out Its Bicycle Parking Spots? It Builds 40,000 More

Good, 11/23/15
bicycle parking mandatoryIn a city where it’s estimated there are more bikes (881,000) than people (811,000), and where cycling is believed to account for 40 percent of all traffic, infrastructure challenges are bound to arise. It’s no surprise, then, that Amsterdam has, for years, been struggling with the problem of bicycle overcrowding. There are, in many ways, more bikes in the city than the city has space for—particularly when it comes to finding a place to park. So what does a city like Amsterdam do in the face of a potential bike-pocalypse? It doubles down.

Bicycle lanes in LA’s mobility plan might be removed, planners say

Los Angeles Daily News, 11/25/15
Bicycle lanes proposed as part of Los Angeles’ recently adopted, long-range mobility plan could be nixed under proposed changes that planning officials say will be taken up by city policymakers early next year.

The bicycle may have triumphed over the car but it’s far from perfect

The Spectator, 11/28/15
Cycle Revolution is the very last exhibition at the original Design Museum in Butler’s Wharf before it moves ambitiously, perhaps overambitiously, to new premises in a repurposed Commonwealth Institute in Kensington. So there is something both autumnal and prospectus-like about it as an event. In this way, it provides an interesting opportunity to wonder about both the nature of design exhibitions in general and the status of the bicycle in particular.

Downtown Kansas City to add bicycle boxes to help keep cyclists safe

KHSB, 11/25/15
In downtown Kansas City, you might notice some new paint on the street near 11th and Main – paint that’s bright and green. It’s called a bicycle box, and it’s the first of its kind in the Kansas City area.

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Bike News Review – 6/2/14

How LA’s Bike Trains Groom New Commuters
Bicycling – 6/2/14
To get more people riding to work in car-centric Los Angeles, clothing designer and bicycle activist Varnado founded a series of free citywide bike trains. A bike train is a scheduled ride to predetermined destinations led by a “conductor” who organizes the group and helps newcomers.

University study evaluates Green Lanes
Bicycle Retailer – 6/2/14
A new Portland State University  research study released Monday examines recently installed protected bike lanes (also called Green Lanes) in five of the six founding PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project cities. Protected bike lanes are on-street lanes separated from traffic by curbs, planters, parked cars or posts. According to PeopleForBikes, there is relatively little academic research available to evaluate their effectiveness.

Resident helps village update its bicycle laws
The Vindicator – 6/2/14
Resident Frank Krygowski prepared an extensive packet for Poland Village Council that led to the repeal of all village ordinances related to bicycles in favor of state laws.

Downey seeks to replace outdated bicycle laws
LA Wave – 5/30/14
After promoting bicycle riding for healthy exercise during the past couple of years, 50-year-old laws which require bicycle licenses, fees and registration seems a little passé, especially since the laws are not being enforced, the City Council has decided.

Bicycle commuting grows in Eastern Iowa
Cedar Rapids Gazette – 5/30/13
Cedar Rapids has added 21 miles of bike lanes, shared road arrows and wide shoulder roads since 2008, and the city plans to add 10 additional miles this year, said Ron Griffith, the city’s bike coordinator and a project engineer. City transit buses now include bike racks, and Griffith is helping develop a “complete streets” plan, which would require most road projects be designed for use by bikes and pedestrians in addition to cars.


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Bike News Review – 5/18/14

Why cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights
Vox – 5/9/14
Some places in the US already allow cyclists to treat stop signs as yields, and red lights as stop signs, and these rules are no more dangerous — and perhaps even a little safer — than the status quo.

Report shows 7.5 percent increase in bicycle riding
Los Angeles – 5/15/14
A report released Monday shows the number of people bicycling in Los Angeles is up 7.5 percent since 2011, and City Councilman Mike Bonin called for investment to increase ridership in the future.

20 Crazy Rides From the Dawn of the Bicycle
Gizmodo – 5/15/14
So we may say that, for a few brief decades before motorcycles and cars took over, the bicycle was the most advanced personal land vehicle around. And those decades were not just glorious but soulful and funny at the same time.


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Bike News Review – 2/21/14

Expanding Bicycle Education for Professional Drivers
SF Bike Coalition – 2/20/14
Who sets the tone for our streets? Certainly we all do, but professional drivers play a powerful role in shaping our streets and thus have an increased responsibility to understand all rules of the road. Four people were killed on bicycles in San Francisco last year, all hit by professional drivers of large vehicles.

Bicycle advocates discuss Westlake next steps – 2/19/14
About two dozen bicycle advocates met Tuesday evening at Fremont Brewing Company to plan next steps for Westlake Avenue N. After Westlake Stakeholders dropped their lawsuit against the City of Seattle holding up the Bicycle Master Plan, the design phase of the protected bike lane along the busy corridor is back in process.

Battle in the bike lanes of Amsterdam
The Telegraph – 2/13/14
Despite calls for scooters to be banned from the bike paths, the Dutch government has allowed this to carry on. The Foundation for Road Safety Research (SWOV) estimates that a ban would save around 260 victims a year in Amsterdam from ending up in hospital or emergency care.

Los Angeles launching its 1st “Bicycle Friendly Business District”
Tree Hugger – 2/19/14
TreeHugger has published a few articles about how bicycling boosts business. It seems that policymakers in Los Angeles have been following this story as well. They’ve developed a “Bicycle Friendly Business District (BFBD)” program there, which is aimed at bringing more bicyclists to commercial corridors. The first BFBD will be in Northeast Los Angeles.


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Bike News Review – 11/10/13

Bicycle gangs of Los Angeles: The quintessential car city is in the throes of a cycling revolution
The Independent – 11/9/13
Along with a new bike path that will run alongside the LA river, the city is hosting an ever-increasing collection of organised group rides through its near-deserted late-night streets. Tim Walker joins one of the most celebrated, successful and serious of these regular rides, the Wolfpack Hustle, for its annual Midnight Drag Race

Bicycle Wars
Bacon’s Rebellion – 11/9/13
For decades the issue was settled — the streets belonged to automobiles, with pedestrians confined to sidewalks as second-class citizens. Bicycles didn’t figure into street design at all. But those days are over as increasingly assertive cyclists agitate to carve out space for bicycle lanes and bicycle parking.

Florida planning U.S. Bicycle Route for long-distance bike travel
Sun-Sentinel – 11/8/13
Traveling long distances isn’t just for motorized vehicles. A bike, apparently, will do just fine for some. To make sure bicyclists can make their way across the entire state of Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation has embarked on establishing a bike route following the outline of U.S. 1 that runs from Jacksonville to Key West.

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