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Bike News Review – 12/6/13

Commuting Aboard The L.A. Bike Trains
NPR – 11/1/13
Enter L.A. Bike Trains — an organization that arranges commutes by bike in groups. Each Bike Train route has an experienced conductor who serves as a guide. Insua especially likes that these volunteer conductors offer new riders door-to-door service from their homes to the train.

Cold as Ice – Layer Up!
Bicycle Commuters – 12/6/13
My neighbors and I biked home together at about 7pm, or 20-something degrees o’clock here in Portland. And I am proud to say that I somehow survivor-ed the coldest commute of my life. How did my sissy-la-la pants make it happen? Layers, Cycle Gators… layers! And lots of them. I’m no expert on looking fly riding home in the cold, but here was this night’s order of operations:

Funding More, Better Biking: A Winning Strategy for ALL San Franciscans
San Francisco Bicycle Coalition – 12/5/13
At a Board of Supervisors’ Budget Committee hearing yesterday, Supervisors Eric Mar and John Avalos listened intently to a long roster of people who want to see more funding for bike improvements in their neighborhoods and across the city.

PeopleForBikes highlights year’s top bike lane projects
Bicycle Retailer – 12/5/13
PeopleForBikes has called out 10 protected bike lanes in eight different cities as the best in the nation completed during 2013.

Hundreds take part in ‘die-in’ protest
BBC – 11/29/13
About 1,000 cyclists have staged a “die-in” protest in south-east London to call for the government to improve road safety in the city. The vigil outside Transport for London’s headquarters in Southwark follows the deaths of six cyclists killed in a two-week period.



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