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Bike News Review – 5/6/13

Trail cutters working to open bicycle, hiking paths
Frederick News-Post – 5/6/13
Trailblazers have spent many weekend hours cutting new paths for hikers and mountain biking enthusiasts. Project point man Tim O’Donnell has worked on the idea of a recreational loop for eight years. In the past two years or so, volunteers have put in 700 hours to make paths for three levels of outdoors enthusiasts, he said.

New spin for bicycle: filtering air pollution
Seacoast Online – 5/6/13
New Castle’s Mike McAndrew recently visited his daughter and son-in-law in Beijing, China, and brought back a photo showing a clever invention: a bicycle that filters air while in motion. Beijing, the capital of China, is notorious for having a serious particle and gas pollution problem all year due to lax environmental controls. Residents of the city suffer multitudes of air quality-related illnesses, particularly with bronchial and pulmonary systems.

Loopwheels Move The Bicycle’s Suspension Directly Into The Wheel
Oh Gizmo – 5/6/13
People are fond of saying that you can’t reinvent the wheel, but if you take a look a the LoopWheel, you realize that’s not entirely true. The device uses a regular, off the shelf tire, rim and hub, but it replaces the common spokes with a flexible carbon-composite system that gives suspension directly to the wheel.
(Variations of this have been tried before. In those cases the springs worked great but didn’t last. – Tom)

Earth Policy Institute Bike Share Report
Urban Velo – 5/5/13
The future of bike sharing is now, with cities across the country and around the world embracing bike share programs as part of a healthy, multi-modal transport system. The Earth Policy Institute recently published a report on the worldwide uptake in bike share programs, worth a look for anyone still skeptical of bike share being a successful model.



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