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Bike News Review – Back From Vacation Edition – 1/8/14

Boris to build bike lanes in London, to ” de-Lycrafy the bicycle”
Tree Hugger – 12/24/13
I want to ‘de-Lycrafy’ the bicycle. This new network and its users will gradually, I hope, change the very culture of cycling in London. I want to reduce the testosterone levels; reduce conflict between other vehicles and cyclists; and move towards a continental-style cycling culture, where cycling is normal, not something you have to gird up for. I want more women and older people cycling.

Paid bicycle-sharing system begins in Austin
KHOU – 12/22/13
Efforts by one Central Texas city to go green have led to a pay-to-ride bicycle-sharing program. The B-Cycle project in Austin began Saturday with 11 bicycle stations mainly in the downtown area. More than 100 three-speed bicycles are available for rental.

Spanish officials look to promote cyclotourism

Bicycle Retailer – 12/20/13
El Patronato Provincial del Turismo de Granada, the provincial tourism department of Granada, recently convened more than 80 participants representing 18 business sectors at Enturna, the International School of Rural and Environmental Tourism, to boost efforts for developing cyclotourism in Spain.

Cheap Bicycle Rentals Change Congested Taipei

Voice of America – 12/19/13
As other major cities in Asia fight choking smog and traffic, the city of Taipei, in Taiwan, is offering its 2.6 million people a fast, cheap and non-polluting way to cross town. The Taiwanese are pedaling to work, among other places, as part of a city-run bike rental network. But the surging popularity of the program has led to new traffic headaches.

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