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Bike News Review – 8/18/14

How to lock your bike
SF Bicycle Coalition – 8/18/14
Biking in San Francisco is one of the best ways to get around town but how do you take care of your sweet ride once you get to your destination? Proper locking technique is key for anyone biking around the city.

Low-income commuters and bicycles
Bike Commuters – 8/18/14
I have long had real concerns about the development of bike infrastructure in many cities, and have seen firsthand that a lot of new bike lanes, bike racks, and other bike-friendly amenities tend to pop up in more affluent areas and business centers. That same infrastructure rarely penetrates into lower-income neighborhoods. Despite Tampa, Florida’s poor track record with bicycle fatalities and a general disregard for two-wheeled travelers, some of the city’s main cycling thoroughfares (laned roads and ample signage) serve low-income neighborhoods within the “urban corridor”, and this was part of the design all along, not just a coincidence. This is a positive development, obviously, and I have seen similar initiatives in neighborhoods closer to where I live (suburban DC metro area). Still, the focus on developing bike infrastructure tends to be on areas that are more affluent.

Watch Out: NYPD Starts 2-Week Bicyclist Crackdown Today!
Gothamist – 8/13/14
Last night, the NYPD announced it was starting a “Operation Safe Cycle, a two week bicycle safety enforcement initiative,” today, August 13, through Tuesday, August 26. So… does this mean more police cruisers in the bike lane? Especially at dinner time, outside Papa John’s?


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