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Bike News Review – 9/25/12

Bicycling (and Portland) stars in new global initiative to spur physical activity
Bike Portland – 9/25/12
A new report compiled and presented by Nike Inc., the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education at this week’s Clinton Global Initiative meeting, includes bicycle transportation as one of the key solutions to combat the world’s “urgent” physical inactivity crisis.

Watch a Girl Transform Old Bicycle Parts into Terminator Chandeliers
Gizmodo – 9/24/12
In this video by Etsy, Carolina Fontoura Alzaga shows how and why she transforms old junkyard bicycle parts into chandelier sculptures that look more like something from our apocalyptic future. Who knew bicycle chains and wheels could add up to be Terminator?

Motorized bicycles could get you a traffic citation, if you exceed a certain speed
WPTV – 9/24/12
He purchased the bicycle with the 46 cc motor without knowing the trouble it would cause him. “I rode it a couple of months, until I got pulled over by one officer,” he said. That Martin County Sheriff’s officer reportedly “paced” Haynes on his bike. “He said I was going approximately 21 miles an hour,” Haynes said. That alleged 21 mph speed, according to Florida law, is what could change the classification of a motorized bicycle into a moped. If you drive a moped, you have to have a driver’s license.

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