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Bike News Review – 10/15/14

Kent International opens South Carolina factory
Bicycle Retailer – 10/15/14
With South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and Walmart and industry executives in attendance, Kent International opened its new bike factory Monday. Since the opening the factory has assembled 1,500 bikes — 500 a day.

Copenhagen’s piles of bicycles
BBC – 10/13/14
Copenhagen is one of the best places in the world to be a cyclist but there is a downside – thousands of parked bicycles. Sometimes it gets out of control.

Latvian Cyclists Turn Themselves Into Cars
Bicycling – 10/13/14
Latvian cyclists wanted to show exactly how clogged the streets would get if they exchanged their bikes for cars. Rather than leaving the bikes at home and driving for a day or two to make their point, riders from the group Let’s Bike It! created car-shaped attachments for their bikes and pedaled the streets of Riga during morning rush hour to show how much more crowded the capital’s roads would be if cyclists chose to drive. The group was celebrating International Car Free Day.

National Bike Challenge logs 23 million miles
Bicycle Times – 10/13/14
The League of American Bicyclists recently wrapped up its summer-long National Bike Challenge and the 2014 edition saw a huge turnout, with more than 47,000 riders logging 23 million miles. In its third year run May to September, the Challenge saw a huge 35 percent increase in the number of riders participating and a 25 percent increase in miles ridden.

How the bicycle got its spokes – 10/13/14
The evolution of the bicycle is a glorious story of serendipity and ingenuity. It didn’t just require technological advances and engineering knowhow: its history touches on all kinds of accidental coincidences, from volcanic eruptions to an early roller skating craze. Like all great inventions, it required the right people to be in the right place at the right time. And like most good machines, it is both simple and phenomenally complicated.

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