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New bike, walking trail would link N.J.’s 2 largest cities
largest cities

N.J.’s largest cities become bike-nected

When the $480 million reconstruction of the Wittpenn Bridge is complete, the wider span is expected to improve traffic along the busy stretch between Kearny and Jersey City.

Bike and walk advocates say the new Wittpenn Bridge can help bridge a gap in New Jersey’s leg of the East Coast Greenway

But the rebuilt bridge will also serve as a vital component of a new biking and walking trail connecting Jersey City and Newark.

“We saw an opportunity with the new WittPenn Bridge,” said Cynci Steiner, executive director of the Bike & Walk Coalition. “And now that that project is well underway, connections are needed on both sides, so that the investment by NJDOT in bike and pedestrian access on that crossing is fully realized.”


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