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Bike Camping: A more exciting way to backpack
Tam News – 7/15/12
Bike camping, bike touring, bike packing, or just getting lost on your bike with a sleeping bag and no destination. Regardless of what you call it, this activity is a guaranteed experience to satisfy your craving for adventure without emptying your entire piggy bank or harming the environment.
(To me nothing is more fun than traveling without a destination. – Tom)

Bikes versus parking: City works on compromise for segment of McLean Boulevard
The Commercial Appeal (Memphis) – 7/15/12
New bike lanes lining a narrow, residential segment of McLean Boulevard have eliminated on-street parking there, but reaction from homeowners has the city working on an unusual compromise.
(Compromise on bike lanes? Sounds entirely too reasonable to me. – Tom)

Bikes merge with urban mainstream, but politics pose a threat to funding
Oregon Live – 7/14/12
What I found was a bike movement perched on a kind of tipping point — poised between making the kind of big gains in ridership we’ve seen in Portland and a political pushback that could dry up much of the federal funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects.

In state experiment, bicycles to share highways with cars, trucks
Orlando Sentinel – 7/15/12
Bicyclists soon may be riding on two limited-access highways in Seminole and Brevard counties, even though some politicians fear it will be dangerous for someone pedaling on two wheels to share the road with speeding cars and trucks.
(Many states, mostly out west, allow bikes on rural interstates without issues. – Tom)





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Bike News – 4/9/12

RHA working to prevent bike overcrowding
The State News (MI) – 4/8/12
Computer science junior Raymond Heldt locks up his bike Thursday afternoon outside of the Main Library. An RHA committee has conducted a bike census to examine bike issues on campus, including how to prevent overcrowded bike racks and bike thefts across campus.
Bike overcrowding, not a bad problem to have. – Tom

Fixie bicycles not for newbies
Asia One – 4/9/12
Fixed-gear bicycles are popular with the young and trendy, but veteran cyclists and health experts caution that they may not be suitable for novice riders.

Now that it has built the bike lanes, the city is waiting for the riders to come
Indy Star – 4/7/12
As prime cycling weather takes hold — and as motorists grapple with what the sometimes-confusing markings and symbols all mean — now comes the test for the city’s newly expanded 64-mile network of on-street bikeways: Will bicyclists start using them?

Despite costly bids, bike lane completion deadline still stands
Columbian Missourian – 4/8/12
The original Dec. 1 completion deadline for adding bike lanes to Route K still stands, despite the state Highways and Transportation Commission’s rejection of all the contractors’ bids in January.

Bikes To Fit Every Budget at Zippy’s
Cape May County Herald – 4/8/12
Scott and Michelle know that prices can make or break a sale, so they carry bikes priced as low as $25, which fits in every budget .They also offer a “Buy Back Program” that if you purchase a bike priced at $50 or more from them they will take it off of your hands when you are finished riding.
Yes, it’s just an ad for the store, but it’s a store with cheap used bikes. That’s something I can get behind. – Tom

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