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Cookies good, cars bad? – Bike News Review – 8/5/12

At bike rodeo, children come for cycling, leave with Oreos and skills – 8/5/12
About 50 children Saturday morning experienced the joy — and challenge — that comes with riding a bicycle.
(That is just about the best headline ever. – Tom)

My Thoughts: Swap car for bike, you won’t regret it
The Commercial Appeal – 8/5/12
Like every American, I suffered the small increases in the price at the pump over the last decade, watching as a tank of gas went from $20 to $30, then $40, then $50. A few months ago, my car suffered an age-related illness, and once I spoke with my mechanic, I knew what needed to be done. I could put the high gas prices, the car repairs and maintenance, even car insurance behind me as I pedaled away on a bicycle.
(As usual with this type of story, no mention of family. – Tom)

UCI makes statement following release of court documents in Armstrong case
Cycling News – 8/5/12
Sport’s governing body says USADA refuses to share evidence
(This is just getting weird. When it first came out Armstrong referred to the USADA as a “Star Chamber.” At the time I thought he was exaggerating, but the more I read the more accurate his description becomes. – Tom)



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