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Bike News Review – 10/29/12

De-nationalisation of Britain’s roads would be a disaster
Bike Biz – 10/29/12
The DfT’s new plans – should they be introduced – could prove disastrous for cyclists because motorists, who already feel they pay for roads, and that cyclists are “road tax dodgers,” would claim that cyclists should only be allowed on bike paths only as “roads are for motor vehicles.”

Lagos to get bicycle lanes
Channels TV – 10/29/12
In a bid to give Nigeria’s most populous city an effective transport system, the state government has announced plans to introduce bicycles lanes on major roads across the city.

Rule Changes For Bicycle Trail Riding
WCHS – 10/29/12
The increasing popularity of bicycle trail riding has managers at New River Gorge interested in changing the rules. “Right now we allow bikes and bicycle riding under a temporary rule the Superintendent can establish,” said Chief Ranger Jeff West. “What we’re looking to do is a permanent rule to allow biking on a number of designated trails in a number of places in the park.”


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