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Cycling Humanity

Without the people who ride them bikes are just hunks of metal. We must not forget the cycling humanity.

I saw a great headline this morning that stated the century of the automobile was a mistake. I’m not sure I fully agree, but this kind of attitude bodes well for the cycling humanity.

One of the negative side effects of the automobile is the foul air it produces. In some countries it’s gotten so bad governments are turning to incentives to get people cycling. Milan wants to pay people to bike to work. The pollution capital of Europe is planning to pay bicycle commuters .25 Euros per kilometer.

For my commute that would be about $5 a day. That would more than support my cola and candy bar habit.

Not everyone is in it for the money though. This story from Australia shows that cyclists are some of the good ones by assisting a dehydrated koala. Of course, is there anyone who could resist a koala in need?

Many people are returning to their childhood love of bikes after spending much of the adulthood in the motorized world. For most of us born-again cyclists we renter the activity with a brand new bike. One amazing man did it with his childhood bike. Not a similar one but the actual bike. The most amazing part is, he built the bike himself all those years ago.

We can’t discuss humanity without delving into the humanities. To misquote the bard, “The bike’s the thing.” Bicycling magazine has a story about a troupe of Shakespearian actors who travel, sets and all, by bike.

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