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Bike News Review – 2/11/13

Rwanda: Bicycle Taxis – Kigali’s ‘Forbidden’ Job
All Africa – 2/11/13
Kigali — It’s not really as forbidden as the biblical fruit but riding a bicycle on Kigali’s shining tarmac roads is illegal. That means, unlike most cities in the region, bicycle taxis (boda-bodas) are outlawed in EA’s cleanest city.

A bicycle race that’s just for kids
Petaluma 360 – 2/11/13
It was the strength of his godson that Cozza admired most, and that eventually led him to recognize the “incredible ability of children to make a difference,” he said. This realization pushed Cozza to arrange the first ever Petaluma Kids Gran Fondo race, which is set for early May.

Update: Better in California, Bittersweet in Montana
Adventure Cycling – 2/11/13
Over the last few months, Adventure Cycling has been very busy working to create new opportunities for bike travel in North America, for example by developing new routes like an Idaho hot springs off-pavement route and Bicycle Route 66, and advancing an official U.S. Bicycle Route System. Also, we’ve worked with local and state partners to create better bike travel conditions, most recently in Montana and California. Here’s the latest on those efforts:

Annual Chekika Bicycle Rodeo and Safety Fair February 23
Fire Engineering – 2/11/13
Everglades National Park is pleased to host a “Bicycle Rodeo and Safety Fair.” The bike rodeo is a one-day training event for young bicycle riders designed to prevent bicycle-related accidents and injuries.

Strong case for bicycle tracks on city footpaths
The Hindu – 2/10/13
Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) has now started advocating bicycle tracks on all roads near metro stations by demarcating portions of widened footpaths for the purpose.


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