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Are you afraid of clown bikes?

OK, this is a cool old little bike for sale on eBay. Basically it’s a two-wheel tricycle. Actually I previously showed a very similar kid’s bike on these very pages. What caught my attention here was the marvelously misinformed seller.

He refers to this as the “Oldest Circus Bicycle Anywhere!” It is to laugh.

Oldest? He claims the bike is from the 20’s or 30’s. A couple quick searches will show you ┬ámany images of clowns on penny-farthings and even velocipedes, so the oldest claim is at least half a century off.

Circus? What makes it a Circus bike? Maybe it actually was used in a circus, but there is nothing circus-specific about it. Most circus bikes have offset hubs to create a rolly-polly ride or at least a colorful paint scheme to catch the children’s eyes. The pale blue looks too subdued for such a task.

The other problem is the relationship between the pedals and the handlebars. This bike would be nearly impossible for an adult to ride even without the big shoes. Clown bikes are supposed to look awkward but must be rideable or the gags just won’t work right.

My favorite part of this is the pricing. Nobody has bitten at the $339.00 opening bid or the $449.00 buy-it-now. Not much margin for error there. I’m going to keep watching this to see if anyone falls for it.

See the complete ebay listing


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