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Cycling and Depression and other happy thoughts

Cycling and depression: can riding help beat the ‘black dog’?

cycling and depressionCycling Tips, 11/17/15
For those with depression, it is best described as being in a deep, dark hole with no way out. It feels as though you are letting everyone down and there is nothing that can be done. You want to climb the walls, but a search for the motivation to start climbing leaves you feeling empty. The gradual greying out of all that matters leaves the depressed person feeling nothing. Just despair.

Cycle tourism becomes popular in Mustang

Kathmandu Post, 11/17/15
Cycling has become an attractive activity among tourists in Mustang district. It is not only the fuel shortage that has encouraged visitors to take to cycling; the lower part of the district, in particular, offers excellent terrain and stunning scenery for adventure seekers.

Collegiate cycling goes varsity

Velonews, 11/17/15
Collegiate nationals will remove its long-standing division I and division II categories in favor of varsity and club races beginning at mountain bike nationals in the fall of 2016, USA Cycling announced Tuesday. The change comes following a rapid bloom in collegiate varsity programs — led by schools like Fort Lewis College, Marian University, and Lees McRae — over the last decade, and is a result of the increasing gulf in resources between these well-funded programs and the club teams upon which collegiate cycling was originally built.

Tighter rules for e-bicycles from Dec 1: LTA

Channel News Asia, 11/19/15
The Land Transport Authority says devices must weigh no more than 20kg and be aligned to the  European Standard EN15194. It is also introducing bigger fines for those using non-compliant power-assisted bikes with immediate effect.

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