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Aaayyy I’m a bike!

fonzYes you nostalgianoughts that really is a Fonzy bike! I had no idea that such a thing existed and on close inspection and with a bit of interweb research I found out why.

First a confession. When Happy Days first hit the air I was a big fan. It was silly and goofy but it had a bit of an edge and hints of subversion. Then Chuck went up the stairs and never came back down. The story lines softened and Arthur Fonzarelli was transformed from a dangerous hood to a shark-jumping caricature of himself. So sad.

Slide to dreck aside The Fonz was a well-know and somehow popular character, so why weren’t these cute little bikes more popular than they seem to have been? Face it, it is a cute little bike that sufficiently invokes a motorcycle.

Then perhaps you notice that odd thing half-way up the down tube. The reason it looks kind of like a pedal is because it is one. The brake┬ápedal! That’s right, in order to stop this thing you have to take one of your feet off the cranking pedals and press down on the brake pedals. The dexterity and balance required to execute this movement would be beyond all but the Olympic gymnastics-bound child.

Even if you could manage the maneuver the response time compared to any other braking method is pathetic and dangerous. If your bike can be outbraked by something with friction rod brakes you are risking your life, or in this case, your child’s life.

So if this bike is so bad and comes from a show that became so bad why do I so desperately want it? Because it appeals to my sick sense of humor. The same reason I own not one but two cassette tapes of William Shatner singing. I just love monumentally bad things.

And I’m not the only sicko out there. With over five days to go the bidding has passed a hundred dollars. I doubt that it will stop there.

See the full listing on eBay

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