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Bike News Review – 2/28/13

Unicycling Student Wheels and Deals Against Bicycle Citation
The Bottom line – 2/27/13
“Unicycling is not a crime,” said first-year psychology major Jackson Hranek after he was given a bicycling citation on Feb. 4 in front of the Arbor. Before he received that ticket, he was given a warning in front of the University Center by the same police officer. The officer stopped him and told him to get off the unicycle and told him that he was not allowed to ride in the pedestrian lane again.

Wooden bike by Yojiro Oshima
Bicycle Design – 2/26/13
Yojiro Oshima is a student in the Craft & Industrial Design Department at Musashino Art University in Tokyo. For his final project before graduation, he designed and made a wooden bike (complete with wooden wheels, handlebars, and saddle). His goal with the design was to incorporate the benefits of a beam frame and a standard frame, so the short cantilevered seat beam was designed to “reduce large impacts” while the “seat stay and the chain stay remain as usual to assure the stiffness.”

John Kerry Speaks In Berlin Of Secret Bicycle Ride Into East Berlin In 1954
Huffington Post – 2/26/13
He recalled a clandestine bicycle ride into communist East Berlin. “I saw the difference between east and west. I saw the people wearing darker clothing. There were fewer cars. I didn’t feel the energy or the movement.” When he returned home, Kerry said, his father “got very upset with me and said: `You could have created an international incident. I could have lost my job.’ So I lost my passport, and I was grounded and I never made another trip like that.”

City to get critical bicycle path
The Copenhagen Post – 2/26/13
After years of debate, the City Council is finally set to begin construction of a bicycle path at one of the most dangerous intersections for cyclists in the city.


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