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Plan to ban cars in Joburg‘s CBD

ban carsIOL, 11/14/15
The City of Joburg wants to ban private cars from the Joburg inner-city as part of its new strategy to manage traffic congestion to improve efficiency of public transport and encourage cycling and walking. The proposal to restrict vehicle eligibility, access control and a possible accompanying pricing plan in large parts of the CBD comes off the back of the EcoMobility World Festival held in Sandton.

A Child’s Perspective Of Cycling In Eastbourne

Bespoke, 11/15/15
Bespoke asked a 10 year old for 2 good things and 2 bad things about cycling in Eastbourne. Watch the video she made for an insight into what Eastbourne’s children think of the cycling facilities provided.

New Elevated Cycle Track in Copenhagen

Copenhagenize, 11/16/15
Copenhagen has built or is building seven new bicycle bridges. In Copenhagen, they’re called bicycle bridges, but we assume that there will also be pedestrian access – and there always is. But in the City of Cyclists, our perception is that a bridge ain’t functional if it isn’t for bicycles. The news here is that yet another bridge has gotten the go ahead. If the elevated cycle track we call the Bicycle Snake / Cykelslangen captured our imagination, have a look at the new kid on the block, above. A covered bicycle and pedestrian walkway 65 metres above the harbour. Leading from one tower to another.

Italian town offers cash incentive for people to cycle to work

Cycling Weekly, 11/16/15
An Italian town has allocated funds to encourage people to cycle to work rather than drive. Each rider could earn up to €600 per year for pedalling instead of using their car. Council officials in Massarosa, Tuscany, will launch the pilot scheme for fifty employees over a 12 month period.

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