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Ultimate Hipster Nerd Bike on eBay

How is this not a nerd bike?

nerd bikeI mostly know it’s a nerd bike because I’m a nerd, and I really want this bike. A hefty dose of nostalgic futurism and the practicality of a break-down bike.

Break-down bikes are like folding bikes that don’t fold. They break-down into smaller pieces. My wife has an electric scooter that follows this principle. It makes it easier to store. Even a folded folding bike is a pretty hefty chunk of metal to store.

The problem with this is, what happens if one of the taken-apart parts is misplaced? No more foldy riding for you.

The other issue seems to be the wear-and-tear of constantly assembling and unassembling the bike may cause.

None of those issue can make this bike any less stupid cool.

Look at this on eBay

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