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Hope pedals eternal – Bike News Review – 9/21/12

Amgen Tour owner AEG up for sale
Velo News – 9/20/12
Sponsored by biotech giant Amgen since its inaugural 2006 event, the race is owned and operated by AEG Sports, a subsidiary of the Denver-based Anschutz Company headed by billionaire Phillip Anschutz. A cycling fan, Anschutz personally signed off on backing the event, which has struggled to become solvent over its seven-year history.

State Rules For Bicycles On Trail Crosswalks Are Unclear
Indiana Public Media – 9/20/12
At several intersections near downtown, trail users see a stop sign and are warned that cross traffic does not stop. Then they enter a crosswalk with a sign in the middle telling motorists they must yield to pedestrians. Bloomington Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator Vince Caristo says motorists must give the right-of-way to people on foot, but the law is vague when it comes to bikes.

Defensive bicycling or how to not get hit by cars
Gettysburg Times – 9/19/20
There are “Ten Ways to Not Get Hit” listed on the BicycleSafe website. Each of the ten listed “ways” contains additional information. Of course one of the main ideas that runs through the website is to make yourself as highly visible as possible but to ride as if you were invisible.

Cherryville woman rides bicycle 26 miles to submit job application
The Republic – 9/19/20
“It boils down to, I guess, just not having a car, not having access to a car,” White said. Her Toyota had more than 200,000 miles and one of the cylinders was broken. “You get creative when you get poor,” she said.

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