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Bike News Review – 6/19/14

SFBP #42 Intergalactic Odyssey
SF Bike Party – 6/18/14
Huge thank you to all the folks who blasted off to the stars with us at our last BIKE PARTY! Here are a few shots from our Intergalactic Odyssey:

New Study: City Bike-Share Programs Decrease Bicycle-Related Head Injuries
Legal Examiner – 6/18/14
Several news outlets yesterday reported on a new study about cities with bike-share programs and the rate of head injuries. Unfortunately, reporters opted for sensationalism over accuracy. Headlines like “Study: Greater Risk of Head Injuries In Cities With Bike Share Programs” and “Bike-Share Programs Linked to Increased Brain Injuries: Study” evoke an immediate, negative response: Bike-sharing programs must be bad. The reaction might be warranted if those headlines told the whole story, but they don’t.

U.S. Bicycle Route System adds 800 miles of new routes
Bicycle Retailer – 6/17/14
The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has added 800 miles of designated bike routes to its U.S. Bicycle Route System. The new sections of the bike route system are in Massachusetts, Washington, Ohio, Illinois and the District of Columbia. All told, the system now designates 6,790 miles of bike routes across the country. The goal is to designate 50,000 miles.

Would you wear a helmet that reads your mind?
Oregon Live – 6/16/14
I’m trying to figure out which part of the new MindRider bicycle helmet freaks me out the most. Is it that the MIT researchers behind the high-tech brain bucket claim it changes colors based on your mood and uses a smartphone app to “mind map” your city’s most easygoing pedaling commutes? Or it that this thing makes you look like a low-budget alien on the 1960s sci-fi TV show “The Outer Limits.”


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