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Bike News Review – 7/4/14

Bangladesh’s Infoladies Bring the Internet to Villages on Bicycle
Businessweek – 7/3/14
Only 5 million of Bangladesh’s 152 million citizens have regular Internet access. Three-quarters live in rural villages. The Infoladies, a group of about 50 women in their early 20s, travel through the countryside equipped with a laptop computer, a tablet, a smartphone, a digital camera, and a glucometer ministering to the technologically impoverished.

Ocean Avenue Corridor Design
SF Bicycle Coalition – 7/2/14
Balboa Park Station is a major hub of activity, serving over 24,000 passengers every day through BART and Muni. In addition to transit, there are more people biking to and from this station, thanks in part to new bike lockers at the station and recently striped bike lanes on Holloway Avenue. As businesses and shops add to the popularity of this commercial corridor, there is also a lot of energy in thinking about streetscape improvements that ensure the streets are safe for everyone in the neighborhood.

Mexico City artist unveils 122 bicycle silhouettes all across Brooklyn and Manhattan
New York Daily News – 7/1/14
“Las Bicicletas,” designed to promote healthy living and art, was installed this week in Red Hook, Dumbo, Fort Greene, Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights as part of a traveling expedition that began in Mexico City in 2008.

Riding toward emancipation with exposed ankles—how bicycles changed women’s lives
Quartz – 7/1/14
The craze was meaningful, especially, for women. Both Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are credited with declaring that “woman is riding to suffrage on the bicycle,” a line that was printed and reprinted in newspapers at the turn of the century.

“Dead Red” Law Passed in Indiana
Urban Velo – 6/30/14
Going into effect on July 1st, the “Dead Red” law will allow cyclists and motorcyclists to roll through a red light after…wait for it….2 minutes of waiting. As this article mentions, cops aren’t going to put a stopwatch on you, but we do have the option of ignoring the red light for our own convenience and at our own peril.

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