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Bike News Review – 3/7/13

Winners of the ISUDA mobile bike share design competition
Bicycle Design – 3/7/13
Voting ended in the online poll to select the reader’s choice winner of the Bicycle Design/ ISUDA bike share design competition, and the Roda design by Steve O’Neill, Niall O’Loughlin, Robert McKenna, and Mark McGuinness took the top spot with 31% of the votes.

Best Indoor Bike Parks
Bicycling – 3/7/13
In 2004, Ray Petro transformed a Cleveland warehouse into a rideable version of Chutes and Ladders, inspiring a wave of other indoor bike parks to open across the country. Not just for mountain bikers, these playgrounds offer a haven for cyclists who want to ride through the winter and hone their bike-handling skills. Practicing wheel lifts and subtle weight shifts on uneven terrain will improve your confidence and agility on the road or trail come spring. Put these five parks on your must-ride list.

Bicycle parking lot officially launched
The Corsair – 3/6/13
A beat-bumping bicycle parade kicked off the official opening of the 400-space bicycle parking lot on Pearl Street.

Postcards from the past: Police bicycle auction, 1942
Seattle Times – 3/6/13
The increased demand for bicycles was demonstrated at the Police Department’s bicycle auction Feb. 14, when a large crowd assembled at the Public Safety Building and paid $413 for 41 bicycles, one tricycle and a scooter. Bidders paid from $3 to $27 each for the bicycles, bids averaged $4 higher than usual. Many of the bicycles were purchased by adults because of the war’s effect on the cost of automobile transportation.


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