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Cyclists Protect Riders With a Human Bike Lane
human bike lane

Actually a human bike lane barrier

For one day last week, volunteers in San Francisco locked hands to create what they call a “People Chain Protected Bike Lane.”(AKA Human bike lane) Dividing car traffic from bike traffic on Golden Gate Avenue. The stunt, coordinated by advocacy group San Francisco Municipal Transformation Agency (SFMTrA)—unaffiliated with SF Municipal Transportation Agency—literally put lives on the line to highlight cyclists’ needs and the importance of keeping them safe in their lanes.

“My friend Maureen actually came up with the idea,” says SFMTrA Organizer Matt Brezina. “She thought, ‘I put my unarmored body in this unprotected space next to cars—the bike lane—daily. What if a bunch of us put our bodies in this dangerous space to make a statement about our daily unsafe riding conditions and temporarily make the bike lane more safe for other cyclists?’ I heard the idea and thought it was brilliant.”

Source: Bicycling

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