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Bike News Review – 10/28/14

Golden Gate Bridge District moves forward with idea of bike/ped toll
SF Bicycle Coalition – 10/24/14
The Board’s decision to further study a toll on people biking and walking is disappointing, and clearly out of step with the values of the Bay Area to promote healthy, sustainable forms of transportation. The Bay Area is a national leader in sustainability, and this decision to discourage biking and walking is a step in the wrong direction.

Bike2Power releases hub-mounted dynamo USB charger
Bicycle Times – 10/24/14
Bike2Power has released a hub-mounted dynamo that can be used on nearly any existing bike, has a built-in light, and can charge USB devices. Unlike some similar devices that require a dedicated dynamo hub, the BikeCharge Dynamo can be installed on almost any front or rear wheel and the lights can be set to high, low or blinking modes.

New expanded bicycle racks to appear on RTS buses in Nov
Florida Alligator – 10/23/14
As the grand opening of its new facility nears, Gainesville Regional Transit System is one step closer to incorporating new bicycle racks on each of its buses. The RTS Bus Fleet Maintenance & Operations Facility will open Nov. 20 with more space and improved buses, which will be accompanied by bike racks that could fit three bikes at a time, said Chip Skinner, RTS spokesman.

Fowler Museum to present photos of duo’s 1891 bicycle trip from Greece to Uzbekistan
UCLA Newsroom – 10/21/14
In the summer of 1890, two young Americans, William Sachtleben and Thomas Allen Jr., set off to circle the globe on new-fangled ‘safety’ bicycles. Three years later, after pedaling some 18,000 miles across three continents, their harrowing tales of adventure made them international celebrities. Their timely championing of the bicycle helped spark the great bike boom of the mid-1890s, which transformed cycling from an elitist, male-dominated pastime into a wildly popular means of recreation and transportation for all. Along the way, Sachtleben and Allen chronicled their adventures with two novel compact Kodak film cameras, heralding a new “democratic” era for photography, as well.


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Bike news Review – 10/9/14

Civic hackers are giving the Bicycle Coalition a tech upgrade – 10/7/14
Every fall, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia does a survey of biking trends across the city. It’s a big undertaking that requires an army of volunteers to watch specific intersections and note every biker (and relevant detail) they see. It’s all done manually, with pen and paper. When the civic hackers at Code for Philly heard this, they set out to build a more efficient system.

Bicycle Advocates Want Off-Road Wisconsin Avenue Crossing Restored
Bethesda Now – 10/6/14
The petition, from the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, comes a few weeks after the County Council agreed not to pursue a proposal for the Bethesda Purple Line station that would have meant a separate trail tunnel for bicyclists under the busy road. The deal with the owner of the Apex Building and a third-party developer would’ve cost the county a reported $68-$70 million, though the exact figure is unknown since the discussion was held in closed session.

Brunswick piecing together grant applications to link bicycle trails
Florida Times-Union – 10/5/14
The city is seeking grant money to add another segment of bicycle/pedestrian trail to one it completed early in 2013. The proposed trail would link with one that begins at Sidney Lanier Park on U.S. 17 and ends at Fourth Avenue, providing riders and walkers with a safe route into the heart of town. Instead of following directly along U.S. 17, however, Fourth Avenue would link it to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. From there, riders could follow Prince Street to Inez Williams Park in the Dixville neighborhood.


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Bike News Review – 11/10/13

Bicycle gangs of Los Angeles: The quintessential car city is in the throes of a cycling revolution
The Independent – 11/9/13
Along with a new bike path that will run alongside the LA river, the city is hosting an ever-increasing collection of organised group rides through its near-deserted late-night streets. Tim Walker joins one of the most celebrated, successful and serious of these regular rides, the Wolfpack Hustle, for its annual Midnight Drag Race

Bicycle Wars
Bacon’s Rebellion – 11/9/13
For decades the issue was settled — the streets belonged to automobiles, with pedestrians confined to sidewalks as second-class citizens. Bicycles didn’t figure into street design at all. But those days are over as increasingly assertive cyclists agitate to carve out space for bicycle lanes and bicycle parking.

Florida planning U.S. Bicycle Route for long-distance bike travel
Sun-Sentinel – 11/8/13
Traveling long distances isn’t just for motorized vehicles. A bike, apparently, will do just fine for some. To make sure bicyclists can make their way across the entire state of Florida, the Florida Department of Transportation has embarked on establishing a bike route following the outline of U.S. 1 that runs from Jacksonville to Key West.

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Bike News Review

Icon branches out into electric bicycles with new E-Flyer
Autoblog – 11/5/13
What we’re looking at is the Icon E-Flyer, the Californian company’s new electric bike. It’s inspired by early World War I-era board racers, but packs a 3,500-Watt electric motor and 52v battery. Limited to 750 Watts for the road, it’ll carry you for 35 miles on a two-hour charge. It’ll top out at 36 miles per hour derestricted, but is limited to 20 mph for the road.
(The first e-Bike I could imagine Marlon Brando riding. – Tom)

New Poll Finds Strong Support for More, Better Biking in San Francisco
SF Bicycle Coalition – 11/4/13
Results of a new independent poll of San Francisco voters, conducted by David Binder Research and released today, show strong support for City leaders to encourage more biking in San Francisco, including expanding the nascent Bike Share system, adding more physically separated bikeways to increase safety, and ensuring bicycling is comfortable and safe for residents of all ages.

Let My Bicycle Go
NY Times – 11/4/13
This summer I bicycled into Manhattan from Brooklyn to meet a friend at the Soho House, and when I came out to unlock my bike and go home, I found that someone had locked their bicycle to mine.

Gainesville Police now offers online bicycle registration
The Independent Florida Alligator – 11/1/13
Theft is the No. 1 crime problem at UF, and bicycles are the main target, according to the University Police website. Though bicycle thievery is common at UF, Graham said it is probably more common for students who live off campus. A majority of the thievery happens in residents’ own backyards, he said.

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Bike News Review – 6/12/13

Bicycle racks open up city to riders
Ottumwa Courier – 6/11/13
Community Transformation Grant director Joni Elder said too often riding the city bus is stigmatized as being “only for poor people — and that’s just not true.” Taking the bus is the perfect form of alternate transportation, she said, and now being able to sling your bicycle on the front of a bus provides the public with more access to more of the city.

Bike Washington, DC
Bicycling – 6/10/13
Once the sole domain of stalwart commuters, messengers, and spandexed roadies, Washington, DC, is now home to a diverse cycling culture thanks to a flourishing 56-mile bike-lane network and one of the nation’s largest bike shares.

BIKES: Science on Two Wheels
Carnegie Science Center
Carnegie Science Center is teaming up with The Bicycle Museum of America, Bicycle Heaven, and others to offer a diverse collection of historic, rare, peculiar, and all-around amazing bikes! Visitors will enjoy science demonstrations and hands-on exhibits that explore energy, forces and motion, engineering, and material science. Starts June 15

Bicycling in Florida: Is there trouble in paradise?
The Daytona Beach News Journal – 6/9/13
Florida has had the highest bicycle and pedestrian fatality rate in the nation. Additionally, of the most dangerous counties to ride a bike in Florida, Volusia County is in the top 10. We want to change that. This is one top 10 list we do not want to be on.


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