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The Feminist History Of Bicycles
feminist cycling

The most feminist of machines

Tinkle your bells and fasten your helmet. It’s National Bike Month. Which means it’s time to delve into the history of this most feminist of machines. Yes, you read that correctly. In ways both explicit and subtle, the invention and popularization of the humble two-wheeled bicycle in the 19th century moved the cause of female equality and freedom forward in the modern world. Even today, there is no more feminist way to get around.

Before the bicycle came along, women were expected to progress on foot, in carriages, or on horseback. Always supervised and preferably with the utmost slowness and delicacy. How you traveled denoted your class. Walking the streets was seen as a highly suspect activity. It was tightly moderated among 19th century women of the upper classes. They were meant to stay largely indoors or to venture outside only with chaperones and in acceptable public spaces.

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