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German bicycle collector lists treasure trove of vintage road bicycles
bike collector

A German bicycle collector has listed a complete collection of 60 classic road bicycles on eBay.

The collector’s sale is an opportunity to purchase a chunk of cycling history.

The listing includes one photograp  which shows the collection stacked wall to wall in a building. The sale features a Buy It Now price of $35,000. It also mentions that it was the seller’s “dearest wish to preserve and to cultivate the heritage of cycling”.

The treasure trove collection includes 60 complete road bicycles from over 35 classic makes. Names such as Colnago, Pinarello, Chesini, Denti, Barelli, Messina and Peugeot. Also included are an additional 15 frames.

Source: BikeRadar

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Saddest bikes ever on eBay

framesEvery time I look at this picture I expect to hear Sarah McLachlan singing. Please someone look into your heart and save these poor abused bikes. They’re local pickup only in Portland Oregon. The buy-it-now price is only $29.99. That’s only $7.50 per bike. see the full listing on eBay

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Mythicaly Cool Trike on eBay

hotseatWhen I was a kid the only thing cooler in the big wheel milieu than the Green Machine was the magnificent beast pictured here. Of course since my neighborhood wasn’t stupid rich I never actually saw one in real life.

In reality what this is is a pedal-powered copy of a three-wheeled go cart which in turn was a scaled-down version of a VW-powered three-wheel motorcycle.

The only problem is that while this bike is uber cool the pedal car style propulsion would have made this thing useless in a race. Even with that if I was still little I’d still want one.

See the full listing on eBay.

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Silly cool rat rod random parts art bike on eBay

valvebikeWhat do you get when you take an ordinary big box store cruiser bike and bolt on a bunch on random non-bike hunks of metal? I don’t know what to call it either but it’s for sale on eBay.

Seriously though, how can you resist a pretend tank bank where the tank is made up of old small block Chevy valve covers? A license plate chain guard? An antenna to nowhere?

I love the black paint with red accents, though I would have painted the chain ring black to contrast the red cranks.

As attracted as I am to this bike, the first thing I’d do is remove all the bling. I think it would look even cooler without it. Ah well, such is the fate of taste.

See the full listing on eBay

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Weird Bruckl Swing Bike on eBay


Bruckl must mean danger in some language.

This is perhaps the most psychotic bicycle ever built. It appears to be two unicycles connected by two tubes, a seat at one end and handlebars at the other.

If I was a clown looking for a trick bike this would be right at the top. Other than that I couldn’t recommend using this contraption as a bicycle.

I may not be the only one who fears this thing. So far no one has jumped at the $160 dollar opening bid. This could be a case where rare doesn’t translate into valuable.

See the full listing on eBay

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