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Icon branches out into electric bicycles with new E-Flyer
Autoblog – 11/5/13
What we’re looking at is the Icon E-Flyer, the Californian company’s new electric bike. It’s inspired by early World War I-era board racers, but packs a 3,500-Watt electric motor and 52v battery. Limited to 750 Watts for the road, it’ll carry you for 35 miles on a two-hour charge. It’ll top out at 36 miles per hour derestricted, but is limited to 20 mph for the road.
(The first e-Bike I could imagine Marlon Brando riding. – Tom)

New Poll Finds Strong Support for More, Better Biking in San Francisco
SF Bicycle Coalition – 11/4/13
Results of a new independent poll of San Francisco voters, conducted by David Binder Research and released today, show strong support for City leaders to encourage more biking in San Francisco, including expanding the nascent Bike Share system, adding more physically separated bikeways to increase safety, and ensuring bicycling is comfortable and safe for residents of all ages.

Let My Bicycle Go
NY Times – 11/4/13
This summer I bicycled into Manhattan from Brooklyn to meet a friend at the Soho House, and when I came out to unlock my bike and go home, I found that someone had locked their bicycle to mine.

Gainesville Police now offers online bicycle registration
The Independent Florida Alligator – 11/1/13
Theft is the No. 1 crime problem at UF, and bicycles are the main target, according to the University Police website. Though bicycle thievery is common at UF, Graham said it is probably more common for students who live off campus. A majority of the thievery happens in residents’ own backyards, he said.

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Bike News Review – 7/4/13

Revelo LIFEbike by Henry Chong
Bicycle Design – 7/3/13
I mentioned Henry Chong in a 2010 post about electric bikes that were pushing the boundaries of the category, so it is no surprise that his latest e-bike doesn’t look like the ones you see on the market today. Unlike his speed oriented Panasonic e-bike concept, the Revelo LIFEbike (Lightweight, Intelligent, Flexible, Electric bike) is a “minimalist, chainless, e-bike with a front wheel pedaling configuration.”

‘Soft’ sidewalks to reduce bicycle crashes
Tree Hugger – 7/3/13
At the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), researchers are working on a new form of asphalt that has enough friction to reduce bicyclists’ slide-outs, while at the same time it cushions vibrations if a cyclist does fall.

Bicycle commuting: A guide to surviving the summer heat
The Oregonian – 7/3/13
nothing is more unforgiving on even a short-distance cyclist’s body than the heat waves of summer. With temperatures dancing in the 90s this week, MAX trains aren’t the only vehicles that should take it slow.


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Bike News Review – 4/14/13

Portage Fire Department set to host bicycle rodeo May 11
nwi Times – 4/14/13
The Portage Fire Department will host its annual bicycle safety day from 9 a.m. to noon May 11 in the east parking lot of Willowcreek Middle School, 5962 Central Ave. The goal of the event is to teach youngsters how important safety equipment can be and that wearing a helmet and other safety equipment can prevent debilitating injuries.

Is This The World’s Most Beautiful Electric Bicycle?
Green Car Reports – 4/12/13
A complaint we hear a lot about electric vehicles is that they’re simply not beautiful enough. We can’t think of a good reason that few seem capable of making electric transport look good, though in fairness the same can be said for many internal combustion vehicles too.



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Bike News Review – 11/22

SE Kan. students building shelter for bicyclists
SF Gate – 11/22/12
Construction students at two colleges and a high school are spearheading a project to make the southeastern Kansas community of Pittsburg more welcoming place for hundreds of cross-country bicycle riders who stop in the city each year.

Bicycle-themed restaurant/bar in North Park gets OK
Trib Live – 11/20/12
A proposed bicycle-themed restaurant and bar in the historic North Park Boathouse cleared a final hurdle Tuesday with Allegheny County Council unanimously approving the deal.

European cyclists and industry support e-bike decision
Bicycle Retailer – 11/20/12
The European Parliament on Tuesday voted that electric bikes with motors of up to 250 watts and top speeds of 25 kph (15.5 mph) will remain regulated as bicycles. Anything faster or more powerful will remain a motorbike.



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Bike News Review – 9/16/12

More bicyclists means fewer accidents, Phila. finds – 9/16/12
As the number of bicyclists on Philadelphia streets has risen, cyclists and city officials have seen a counterintuitive result: The number of bike crashes and deaths has declined.

Help name my bike
Bike Commuters – 9/14/12
I’ve been riding around town on this Trek 820 mountain bike now pretty consistently for the past month and am getting used to the different riding style of a mountain bike. There are a few tweaks that I may make, especially for the long-term, but she’s been great so far. SO, now, fellow Bike Commuters, today’s Friday Musing: What do I name her?

Banning bicycling on downtown sidewalks? Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje floats idea – 9/14/12
It’s early afternoon on Main Street in downtown Ann Arbor and a bicyclist is riding down the sidewalk past Jolly Pumpkin, cutting through the gap between the restaurant’s front door — which is starting to swing open — and the outdoor diners seated an arm’s length away.
(Bikes do not belong on any downtown sidewalk. – Tom)

Polaris Electric Bicycles unveils new line of bikes
Powersports Business – 9/13/12
Polaris Electric Bicycles has introduced a new line of electric bicycles in partnership with EVantage. The Polaris brand entering the electric bicycle category is a major move toward making electric bicycles a viable mainstream recreational option in the U.S., according to a news release from EVantage. The new Polaris bikes will be launched at Interbike 2012, Sept. 19-21 in Las Vegas.
(It’s good to see bigger companies jumping on the e-bike bandwagon. – Tom)




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