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Detroit Bicycle Thruways Vision
bicycle thruways - Detroit

Detroit Greenways Coalition releases 50-year vision for Bicycle Thruways

How will we be getting around Detroit in 50 years? How will our major streets incorporate different modes of transportation? Lately, we’ve looked how we could be sharing the streets in the short term. Especially with the start of the Detroit Bike Share in the spring. The Detroit Greenways Coalition has recently released a 50-year vision for what Detroit’s future bicycle thruways could be.

Todd Scott of Detroit Greenways has been working with neighborhood groups, focus groups, bike riders, and residents who don’t ride bikes to come up with this plan. The coalition has some innovative ideas for Detroit’s main corridors.


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Fastest Bike on Earth and other bike news

This bike just broke the world record for fastest human-powered vehicle

The Verge, 9/18/15
What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone on a bicycle? Maybe 20, close to 30 miles per hour on a hill? The AeroVelo team just more than doubled that in their bullet-shaped “speedbike,” reaching a speed of 85.71 miles per hour and breaking the world record for fastest human-powered vehicle at the same time.

It’s not surprising women are nervous cyclists

The Pool, 9/15/15
Something happens to even the most sensible of men when they get anywhere near a bike. As soon as you give them two wheels and a traffic light, they’re Chris Froome, or even Maverick in Top Gun

Detroit’s stature as bicycling hotspot grows with weekly Slow Roll through neighborhoods

Fox News, 9/17/15
“We didn’t invent riding slow. We didn’t invent group bike rides,” said Mike MacKool, co-founder of the nonprofit Detroit Bike City Inc., which trademarked Slow Roll. “But we just struck the right chord at the right time for our city.”

Rural Girls Ride Past Bicycling Taboos In Tajikistan

Radio Free Europe, 9/19/15
Bicycling has traditionally come with its own unique hazards in Tajikistan — especially for girls trying to preserve their innocence or women hoping to find a husband.

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SLC, GM and Dalbo – Bike News Review – 9/1/14

New downtown Salt Lake City bicycle track worries small businesses
The Salt Lake Tribune – 8/31/14
There are funny-looking parking spots painted up and down 300 South downtown. Bike lanes are this way and that. Workers are paving and jack hammering — and, simply put, between 600 East and 300 West, things are a mess. But don’t worry, say Salt Lake City officials, when the dust clears — about mid-October — the city will have its first permanent protected bike lanes on both sides of what some still call Broadway.

Why General Motors wants to put 19,000 tech employees on bicycles
LA Times – 8/28/14
aced with a serious transportation problem on its sprawling technical center campus in a Detroit suburb, General Motors Co. has turned to a solution that predates cars – bicycles. GM has launched a bike share program for 19,000 employees at its Warren Technical Center. It will help them navigate the 61 buildings on the 330-acre campus and provide convenient transportation for errands in the surrounding community.

Bicycle Bunkhouse in Dalbo offers rest for cyclists
Post Review – 8/28/14
Taking an old barn where his father once housed a dairy herd, Olson, along with his wife, Sherry, now provide a comfortable surrounding for the weary travelers. The bunkhouse, which lies along the Northern Tier for cross-country cyclists, has gained a reputation as the place to stay along the route. Operating since 2006, the Olsons provide a free, safe and comfortable setting for the folks looking to rest their legs after a full day of cycling.

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Bike News Review – 8/1/13

US Cup drops USAC sanctioning for its events to protest UCI Rule 1.2.019
Cycling News – 7/31/13
The move comes after what the US Cup called “USAC’s ambiguous stance and continued blame of the UCI for the possible enforcement of rule 1.2.019, which prohibits licensed pro and amateur riders from racing in non-USAC sanctioned events starting in 2014”.

Turning a boost in bike commuting to an economic gainMore bike commuters = economic boom
Detroit Free Press – 6/21/13
From custom frame builders in Detroit and messenger bag makers in Philadelphia to a bike-share startup in Tampa, the new bike-based economy is flourishing in U.S. cities. This startup ecosystem includes tour companies, pedicabs, mountain bike parks, artisan rack welders, bike rental outfits, bike-friendly bars and app developers.

The Importance of Bicycle Collision Data
Gapers Block – 7/31/13
Cycling in Chicago is becoming more and more popular not only as a source of recreation and exercise, but, for many, as the primary method of transportation. The warm weather attracts people to their bikes and now with the Divvy bike-share program expanding on what seems to be a daily basis; more and more cyclists have taken to the road. Many commuters have also replaced vehicles with bicycles as a way to save money, avoid traffic and parking woes and help the environment.

Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame Collections Call
Urban Velo – 7/31/13
“The Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame serves to spotlight the history and rich culture of cycling in the city. To date there have been hundreds of nominations for potential inductees, and the window for this year’s nominations is closing quick.




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Bike News Review – 10/9/12

Top 7 Bicycles Made Out of Alternative Materials
Revmodo – 10/9/12
There is perhaps no vehicle better for the environment and for your health than the bicycle. But not all bicycles are created equal. Some bikes are built using materials that are more eco-friendly or economical, while others offer superior performance.

Detroit’s new bicycle economy
Modeld Media – 10/9/12
A century after Henry Ford transformed the quadricycle into an automobile, urban Detroit is re-discovering two-wheelers. Roads are becoming bike-friendly and people are taking cycling seriously as a means of transportation as well as leisure.

Vt. lieutenant governor campaigns by bicycle
NECN – 10/7/12
A 500-mile, 14-county bicycle tour is giving Vermont’s lieutenant governor a new perspective on the state as he campaigns for a second term, not to mention plenty of time to think about the issues.

The time for a bike High Line has come
NY Daily News – 10/7/12
Here’s a better solution: a High Line for bicycles. Having reclaimed a rusted Chelsea railway, the High Line has demonstrated the magic of elevating pedestrians above city traffic. Now, let’s elevate bicyclists, too, by building bicycle highways above certain major avenues and cross streets.


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