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Is This the Bike Race That Will Save American Pro Cycling?
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New Colorado Classic bike race is heavy on festivals and fan-centric fun

The Colorado Classic bike race, which will be held August 10 to 13, is a UCI 2.HC event. Just one step below the top WorldTour level. More importantly, it represents a significant shift from the classic model of stage races. First, it’s not point-to-point. Instead, stages for men’s and women’s fields will be circuit-style. A more audience-friendly format. It also centers on the Front Range’s largest two cities: Denver and Colorado Springs (with a trip to ski-resort town Breckenridge).
But the race itself won’t be the only thing drawing in fans. In conjunction with the weekend stages, organizers announced a festival format called Velorama Colorado. Held around the start/finish area in Denver’s emerging River North neighborhood. Velorama will feature beer gardens, food, an expo and marketplace, and concerts by headliners, including popular alt-rock bands Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie.

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Bike News Review – 4/21/14

Vintage bicycle exhibit rolls into Fort Wayne Museum of Art
News-Sentinel – 4/18/14
The Fort Wayne Museum of Art believes in taking an expansive view of what is “art,” and that’s why it’s opening an exhibit of vintage bicycles Saturday.

Police Bicycle Patrols Cutting Crime In Neighborhoods
CBS Chicago – 4/18/14
Bicycles aren’t just a fun way to get around this time of year, they’re also an effective crime-fighting tool, according to Chicago police. Because of that, more than a hundred officers are taking bikes for a spin in some of Chicago’s most violent areas.

Colorado county creates new bike-traffic measuring system
Bicycle Retailer – 4/18/14
Boulder County, Colo., has tweeked its vehicle traffic counters — the black tubes across traffic lanes seen across the country — to make them better able to distinguish bicycle traffic from other vehicles. The modified system, which county officials are presenting to colleagues nationally, helps the county get more affordable and more accurate figures; the data is used in part to measure how modified bike facilities on shared roads affect bike traffic levels.

Wilmington OKs pedestrian, bicycle-oriented projects
Star News – 4/18/14
The Wilmington City Council recently approved four separate pedestrian and bicycle-oriented improvement projects that will total a $1.89 million investment. Because much of the money is coming from the N.C. Department of Transportation, the city will only have to pay a fraction of the cost.


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Bike News Review – 4/25/14

Giant USA targets sub-$500 bike consumers with new campaign
Bicycle Retailer – 3/19/14
Giant USA is targeting new, entry level bike consumers with a new campaign that includes lower retail prices on 30 models of bikes starting March 31. The company is calling the campaign “Gateway to Adventure,” and said it will be more than just a short-term promotion.

This Bicycle Glows Like a Stop Sign When a Car’s Headlights Find It
Take Part – 3/21/14
San Francisco’s Mission Bicycle Company is building a line of bicycles that promises to be visible from 1,000 feet away. The key ingredient to such long-distance discernibility is a high-tech coating developed by Ohio-based Halo Coatings.

A Bicycle-Powered Moving Company’s Sales Pitch: We’re Just Faster
Atlantic Cities – 3/21/14
Movebybike will transport anything up to around 660 pounds courtesy a fleet of bike trailers. Initially a small project run by enthusiasts, the company expanded this year from its home base in Malmö to Stockholm and Gothenburg, thus covering Sweden’s three largest cities. Not only is the company greener than the alternative, it’s also faster and potentially cheaper.

CDOT Colorado bicycle and byways map
KDVR – 3/20/14
“Along with all the information that’s available in the hard copy of the map, the new app will offer lots of options that we think bicyclists will appreciate,” said CDOT Bicycling Program Manager Betsy Jacobsen.  “Specific items like where bike shops, restaurants and welcome centers are located will be available.  It’ll also include directional information, allowing cyclists to request specific point-to-point directions.”

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Bike News Review – 10/1/13

PeopleForBikes distributes $80k-plus in grants
Bicycle Retailer – 9/30/13
The Community Partnership Grants required collaboration between at least one non-profit organization, one business, and one city or county agency to be considered for funding. Grant awards ranged from $5,000 to $10,000 and will support infrastructure and advocacy projects. Since 1999, the PeopleForBikes Community Grants Program has funded more than 250 projects in 49 states, with most helping build facilities like bike paths, trails, and parks.

Kolkata, India Bans Bicycles To Reduce Traffic Congestion, Terror Threats
International Business Times – 9/30/13
Cycling enthusiasts, activists, environmentalists and others have expressed their outrage over a decision by the police department in Kolkata, India to ban the use of bicycles in most thoroughfares of the teeming metropolis. Police officials claim the prohibition on bicycles was needed to thwart any potential terror attacks on the city and to relieve chronic congestion on its overcrowded streets.

Who should have to pay for bicycle facilities?
The Coloradoan – 9/29/13
Readers often comment that bicyclists should pay a fee for the “special” facilities the community provides them. They claim that motorists pay for roads through “user fees,” including fuel taxes, vehicle registration fees and tolls while bicyclists pay nothing. According to a Pew Charitable Trust study published in 2007, user fees pay for only 51 percent of our highways. In fact, most transportation costs (including parking in Old Town) are paid from general funds through income, sales and property taxes, as well as bond issues.

Granite State bicycle rules at a glance
Union Leader – 9/28/13
Bicyclists have the same rights and duties as drivers of motor vehicles, according to New Hampshire law.

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Bike News Review – 2/4/13

PSU study equates bicycle commuting, happiness
Oregon Live – 2/4/13
A new study by Portland State University urban studies doctoral candidate Oliver Smith found that getting to work via “active transportation” – e.g., under your own power – “increases commute well-being, even when controlling for distance, income and other factors.”

Colorado cyclists win access to road in casino town
Bicycle Retailer – 2/4/13
The “No Bicycles” signs will be coming down in Black Hawk, Colorado, after the state’s highest court overturned a lower court ruling and said the mountain town must allow bikes on its main drag.

Pogies vs. Gloves
Bicycle Commuter – 2/4/13
This, like most cycling decisions, is a lot of preference. Since I started riding pogies in the cold, I haven’t looked back. I started with Bar Mitts and liked them, but they were a little small for my big hands and winter gloves. They really acted like a windshield for your hands, and they did retain some of the heat as well. They have front zippers that you can use to regulate the temperature if you wish. They sell on their website for about $65, which is well worth having warm hands.

Super Bowl 47: Armed with bicycles, group takes fight to 49ers
WPTV – 2/3/13
Custom bicycles with Ravens stickers and purple decorations – they were the weapon of choice for a group of Saints fans that still have a sour taste in their mouth for the 49ers.

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