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California State Bike and Ped Plan in online

Ped Plan draft is available for review.

Caltrans is working with a diverse group of stakeholders and the public to develop a bike and ped plan. It will guide the planning and development of non-motorized transportation facilities. It will also maximize the use of future investments on the State Highway System and other state facilities.

The plan will also lead to improved connections between the State’s bicycle and pedestrian facilities with the network of local and regional roads, public transit, and intercity and passenger rail. The Plan will not replace existing policies and implementation plans at the regional and local levels.

The elements of the Plan include:

  • Evaluation of existing policies, programs, and guidance provided by Caltrans for active transportation modes.
  • Development of a vision, goals, and objectives to guide Caltrans’ efforts for active transportation.  Goals offer high-level vision, while objectives are more specific statements pertaining to each goal that define how results will be achieved.  This effort will build on Caltrans’ existing goals established in the California Transportation Plan.
  • Development of performance measures to evaluate the success of Caltrans’ policies and investments.
  • Identification of the most promising strategies to meet the goals and objectives established by the plan.
  • Public outreach and engagement that allows Caltrans to understand community walking and bicycling needs.
  • Beginning development of statewide bicycle map.

Public Hearings

The website also includes dates and times for public hearings in San Jose, Fresno, Santa Ana and online.

More info at the CSBBP website

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Bike News Review – 11/17/13

Coble co-sponsors Bipartisan Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act
The Times News – 11/15/13
U.S. Reps. Howard Coble, R-N.C., Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., and Mike McCaul , R-Texas, have introduced the bipartisan Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Act, which would require the U.S. Department of Transportation to set separate measures for motorized and non-motorized safety, according to a news release.

Seven-story bicycle has no purpose, is awesome anyway
Grist – 11/15/13
A Swiss architecture firm called Bureau A designed this contraption for “a local bar and cultural center” in Hanoi, Vietnam, called Ta di Oto. It’s a bike with a tower, that has seven “stories” — seven different levels you can sit on, really. It looks like it’s about the height of a one-story building.

Bill Makes Bike-Sharing Benefits Tax-Deductible
Beyond Chron – 11/15/13
U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer is cosponsoring a bill to officially recognize bike sharing as the newest category of public transit, at least in the eyes of the IRS. Unfortunately, the bill is limited by a persistent oversight in tax policy that restricts its benefits to those who both live and work in areas that have bikesharing stations.


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Bike News Review – 9/24/13

Tuttle bicycle program honors Duane Swisher
Journal Review – 9/24/13
Tuttle Middle School students take off down Wallace Avenue on Monday morning on their way to Hoover field. The bicycles were donated to Andy Craig’s PE classes by the Rock River Cyclists in memory of Duane Swisher, who was killed in a cycling accident this summer.

US bike commuting up, Census data shows
Bicycle Retailer – 9/23/13
According to the League of American Bicyclists, this was the largest year-on-year increase since 2007-2008. The League also cited a 61.6 percent increase in bicycle commuting since 2000. The League also cited an 11 percent in crease in women bike commuters since 2011, saying that growth in bike commuting by women is outpacing that of men.

Victory for California cyclists: Riders get their three-foot cushion
Los Angeles Times – 9/23/13
Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed into law the “three-foot rule,” requiring cars to keep at least 36 inches from cyclists when passing, or to slow to a safe speed if they for some reason are prevented from keeping their distance.

Life in the bike lane too often creeps onto the sidewalk
The Post and Courier – 9/22/13
The police and Charleston Moves are doing their best to educate people. Both will be at the College of Charleston’s bike auction Friday, handing out bike law booklets.


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Bike News Review – 5/15/13

Iowa DOT Offers Websites on Byways and Bicycle Trails
KCRG – 5/15/13
The state Department of Transportation says the sites will help visitors explore Iowa’s two national scenic byways and nine state scenic and heritage byways. Many bicycle trails crisscross and complement the byways. The byways site includes route descriptions, history, contact information and a listing of local attractions and events. The site lets visitors plan, map, save notes and send an electronic postcard.

Introducing the Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame
Urban Velo – 5/15/13
It’s been in the works behind the scenes for a while but today the Urban Cycling Hall Of Fame officially launches and begins the search for both artifacts and inductees.

Artworks unveils bicycle art show – 5/15/13
Artworks is celebrating Trenton Cycling Revolution’s 17th annual bike tour with a new exhibit on display until June 13. Unchained — The Art of the Bicycle celebrates the bike tour, which is scheduled for Saturday May 18. Artwork on display includes depictions of bicycles and bicycle culture and objects made out of bicycle parts.

Every month is Bicycle Month in California
Contra Costa Times – 5/14/13
If there was any doubt about the ubiquity of bicycles in California, it was put to rest this month. The state Department of Motor Vehicles, which, as the name suggests, oversees motorized transportation, has unveiled a website dedicated solely to bicycle safety. Pedal power has officially become a force too large to ignore.



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Bike News Review – 11/14/12

The secret (bicycle) garden
Tucson Velo – 11/14/12
Last week I was running a few errands and I had reason to use a little known piece of bicycle infrastructure near Campbell Avenue just south of Sixth Street.

UP’s Master Saheb on wheels hits road block
Two Circles – 11/14/12
Having started his ‘Seekho English’ classes on a bicycle in 1995 from Kanpur, he says he has now “lost it”. Though he now has many keen students from the shanties, he has exhausted all his resources, and can scarcely “even eat two square meals” himself.


New amendments change status of 4,500 electric bicycle owners overnight
The Star Online – 11/13/12
The amendments under Section 2 of the Act classify electric bicycles as pedal-assisted cycles which are equipped with an auxiliary motor with a maximum continuous rated power of 250W, of which the motor output must be cut off when the bike reaches a speed of 25kph.


Electra moves California headquarters
Bicycle retailer – 11/13/12
Electra Bicycle Company recently relocated to a larger office space and distribution center. Company CEO Skip Hess said the new global headquarters in Vista, California, offer 25 percent more space and will help the company meet higher product demand and accommodate its growing staff and product lines.

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