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Bicycle Commuting Is an Easier Sell in Cambridge
Boston Magazine – 5/12/14
Because Cambridge sits next to Boston, it sometimes makes it easier to see the differences between smaller and larger cities. One of those differences: bicycle commuting. Nationwide, midsize cities attract fewer headlines for their embrace of bicycling, but they’re often places where the transit has taken greater hold than in big metropolises.

Bike commuting has increased 60% in last decade
Bicycle Retailer – 5/8/14
The U.S. Census Bureau says the number of people who traveled to work by bike increased roughly 60 percent over the last decade, from about 488,000 in 2000 to about 786,000 during the 2008-2012 period. This is the largest percentage increase of any commuting method tracked by the 2000 Census and the 2008-2012 American Community Survey.

Dallas has a new bicycle coordinator who’s very eager to roll out the bike plan (from 2011)
Dallas News – 5/8/14
The city of Dallas has been without a bicycle coordinator for almost a year following the June adios of Max Kalhammer, who came to Dallas from D.C. in 2009 and stayed around just long enough to help launch the 2011 Dallas Bike Plan and then grow frustrated with his inability to roll out more than a few miles of bike lanes, most in or around downtown. But fret not, cyclists, as the position has been filled.

Blessed Be Thy Bicycle: New York Riders Roll Into Church
NPR – 5/5/14
It looked like some kind of bizarre wedding procession: Instead of flowers, participants held bicycles. Music played as they walked solemnly down the aisle toward the altar in the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City on Saturday. There were fancy bikes tricked out with neon-colored tires, folding bikes, bikes laden with saddle bags. One woman brought a bike-share bicycle. The event took place a day ahead of the Five Boro Bike Tour, which is sort of like the New York Marathon on wheels. For the past 16 years, cyclists have been coming to the church to get blessed for the big ride, and for the rest of the year.


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Bike News Review – 4/15/14

Boston Doctors Can Now Prescribe You a Bike – 4/9/14
The City of Boston this week is rolling out a new program that’s whimsically known as “Prescribe-a-Bike.” Part medicine, part welfare, the initiative allows doctors at Boston Medical Center to write “prescriptions” for low-income patients to get yearlong memberships to Hubway, the city’s bike-share system, for only $5.

NICA adds high school bike racing leagues in Virginia and Alabama
Cycling News – 4/13/14
The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), a youth development organization governing interscholastic mountain biking in the United States, announced Alabama and Virginia as the newest states in its growing nationwide school cycling program, bringing the number of new leagues added in 2014 to three, and the NICA league network to 13.  NICA made the announcement at the Sea Otter Classic on Saturday.

Coatesville police restarts bicycle patrol
Daily Local News – 4/12/14
The city police department took advantage of much-welcomed warm weather Thursday by placing several additional officers on the street to conduct the “first of many” bicycle patrols that resulted in several arrests.

Who Invented the Bicycle?
Live Science – 4/10/14
You might think that an invention as simple as the bicycle would have an uncomplicated past. But as it turns out, this highly popular invention has a history fraught with controversy and misinformation. While stories about who invented the bicycle often contradict one another, there’s one thing that’s certain — the very first bicycles were nothing like the ones you see cruising down the street today.

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Bike News Review – 11/15/13

Residential parking sacrificed to bicycle lanes: Bike “wars?”
The Washington Times – 11/14/13
While many may claim they support alternate forms of transportation and bike-friendly communities, an individual’s views quickly change when they are forced to give up something that they feel entitled to, namely street parking close to their home.

San Jacinto: 40 cited in bicycle/pedestrian crackdown
The Press-Enterprise – 11/14/13
Forty people were cited by Riverside County sheriff’s deputies in San Jacinto Wednesday, Nov. 13, during a crackdown on pedestrian- and bicycle-related traffic violations. The operation targeted drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians, riders of bicycles, scooters and skateboards who do not wear helmets, and pedestrians making unsafe street crossings.

Boston unveils first bicycle helmet vending machine
Chicago Tribune – 11/13/13
The machine dispenses helmets for a rental fee of $2, if they are returned within 24 hours, or for purchase at $20. Returned helmets will be removed from the machine to be inspected and sanitized, the statement said.

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Bike News Review – 9/22/13

Pittsburgh Custom Bike Builder Helps Man Ride Again
Urban Velo – 9/22/13
The first time Mr. Trimble rode a bicycle was in 2000, in St. James, Mo., where he attended a boarding school. His gym teacher took an old bike and, in place of its handlebars, installed a metal pipe stretching out to one of his stumps. He rode that bike for 18 months and fell in love with cycling.

A cyclist’s mecca, with lessons for Boston
Boston Globe – 9/22/13
The intersection at De Koppeling Street is the kind of sight that might render a Bostonian speechless. It’s a double-decker roundabout. The top level functions like a normal rotary, cars entering and leaving from four directions. That bit of controlled chaos New Englanders know well. But on a level just below the cars, there’s another rotary, this one is just for bikes. As cars flow through the circle overhead, a steady stream of businessmen and moms and 12-year-olds wend their way through the intersection on their bicycles, safe, separated from cars, and undisturbed.

Attaching bicycle-pedestrian structure to Blanchette Bridge considered
St. Louis Post Dispatch – 9/21/13
Bicyclists, walkers and runners could use the Blanchette Bridge over the Missouri River in coming years — via a separate structure attached to the bridge’s eastbound span. The nearby cities of St. Charles, Bridgeton and Maryland Heights expect to team up with a regional parks agency and state transportation officials to pay for a $233,900 engineering analysis of the idea.

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Bike News Review – 9/17/13

Police Enforce Bicycle Safety In Boston; 40 Citations Issued
CBS Boston – 9/12/13
A team of officers from the Boston Police, Mass. State Police, Brookline Police, BU Police and Transit Police converged on one of the most dangerous intersections for bicycles in Boston this morning to educate and enforce the laws.

Buy the Wu-Tang Clan bicycle
Consequence of Sound – 9/13/13
No doubt plenty of you have already updated your Christmas lists to include Wu-Tang Clan’s new holiday sweater, perhaps placing in between GWAR-BQ sauce and Iceage’s knife. But before you send that finalized letter off to Old Saint Nick, it’s going to need one more addition: the Wu-Tang Clan bicycle. That’s right, boys and girls, a bicycle built for Wu.

Flemington police begin bicycle patrols; ‘rapport’ cited as a primary benefit – 9/16/13
The borough Police Department has acquired four special bicycles, and they are being put to use. Patrolman Brian McNally, who has spearheaded this initiative, says that a cop on bicycle is out there with the people and they find him easier to talk with than a cop in a patrol car. Community police is all about “rapport,” said McNally.

American Martyrs School in Manhattan Beach celebrates trailblazing bicycle education program
Easy Reader News – 9/16/13
With the conclusion of the morning’s “Blessing of the Bikes” ceremony, American Martyrs, a K-8 private Catholic school in Manhattan Beach, became the first school in the South Bay to integrate a bicycle safety curriculum into regular class instruction. Tailored specifically for each grade, the curriculum, instructed by three specially certified teachers, will teach students and parents bicycle safety, road rules as well as health and environmental benefits from cycling.

Bicycle network map of Carlisle Borough available
Cumberlink – 9/16/13
Free maps of Carlisle Borough’s recently completed 13.8 mile Bicycle and Pedestrian Trail Network are now available from the Cumberland Valley Visitor’s Bureau, Carlisle Police Department, the borough hall, some downtown merchants and Carlisle Parks and Recreation.


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