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Bike sharing isn’t just for poor people.

Bike News Review – 6/13/14

Rome Shows the World How Not to Run Bike-Sharing Program
Bloomberg – 6/11/14
While municipal bike sharing has thrived from Paris to Sao Paulo, the Eternal City is proving an exception. The Roma’n’bike program has been hobbled by crooks, legal troubles, political wrangling and geography — the city sits on its famous seven hills — combined with residents’ reluctance to abandon their cars and scooters.

Bicycle helmet rules are loosened
Dallas News – 6/11/14
The City Council on Wednesday partially repealed its bicycle helmet ordinance, which required all cyclists to wear one. Officials have debated for weeks whether to loosen the requirements as a way to encourage more cycling and launch a bike-sharing program. Council members disagreed once again over how far the city should go in rolling back the rules.

Palm Coast adds fourth bicycle station
Daytona Beach News Journal – 6/9/14
The city continues to tout its 120-mile trail system and induce more people to use them. Adding such fix-it stations will benefit more bicyclists, said city landscape architect Bill Butler.


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Bike News Review – 3/7/14

Utah officials woo Taiwan businesses at Taipei Cycle Show
Bicycle Retailer – 3/5/14
Five local officials from Utah, including Mike Caldwell, the mayor of Ogden, Utah, are walking the halls at the Taipei Cycle Show meeting with more than a dozen companies in hopes they will open offices in the Beehive State.

Va. House approves wider bicycle passing clearance
Pilot Online – 3/5/14
A years-long effort by bicycling enthusiasts has produced successful legislation designed to give cyclists a little more elbow room on the road.

Portland bike share: Is it a good fit for a city already teeming with bicycles?
Oregon Live – 3/4/14
With the launch already a year behind schedule, the roll out still might be this summer. But because of concerns over the bankruptcy of a high-tech rental bike supplier used by the contractor, it may have to wait until sometime in 2015. The reservations don’t stop there. There are varying opinions on just how successful a bike-rental program can be in a city where about 6 percent of residents already commute by bicycle.


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Bike News Review – 1/22/14

Bixi files for bankruptcy
Bike Commuters – 1/22/14
By the time it happened, it seemed almost inevitable. On January 20, the Bixi bike-sharing company, based in Montréal, announced that it was filing for bankruptcy protection, citing debts totaling about $49 million, including a total of nearly $38 million from the city of Montréal.

Bike Index Theft Prevention Registration Service
Urban Velo – 1/22/14
There are a few bike registration services out there, but I’ve not seen anything quite like Bike Index. A free service that couldn’t be easier to use, Bike Index allows you to register your bikes into a searchable database, helping to match bikes with owners.

102-Year-Old Cyclist to Break Hour Record
Bicycling – 1/21/14
French cycling phenomenon Robert Marchand, 102, will attempt to break his own hour record at the new national velodrome on January 31, it was announced on Tuesday. The former fireman set the previous mark in the over-100 years category—created especially for him—in February 2012 in Aigle, Switzerland, covering 24.25km in the hour.

Bicycle couriers aim to gain traction in downtown Las Vegas
Las Vegas Review-Journal – 1/20/14
In some East Coast cities, bike couriers have a reputation for being freewheeling, fast and fearless, cutting in and out of traffic, traveling more quickly than the cars around them. In Las Vegas, SinCity Portage is trying to add “friendly” to the description.

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Bike News Review – 12/11/13

Could delivery apps signal a new renaissance for bike couriers?
Bicycle Times – 12/10/13
One of the fastest growing sectors of the mobile-app driven economy is delivery. You can get anything delivered these days. A car to pick you up, groceries from your local store, even the “green” economy is getting in on it.

A guide to a successful bike sharing program
Bike Commuters – 12/10/13
We’ve seen more and more cities roll out bike-sharing schemes, from Divvy to CitiBike, from Velib to Mejor en Bici. We LOVE bike shares, and we’ve seen them be wild successes and dismal failures.

Defensive driving on a bicycle
Reporter-Herald – 12/9/13
On a bicycle, it is important to be totally alert, utterly aware and hyper-focused on anticipating the actions of others. Call me paranoid, but I am determined to never be in an accident.A cyclist needs to have keen situational awareness or 360-degree knowledge of what is going on around them at all times. I call it hyper-vigilance.

San Diego OKs plan to double bicycle network
UT San Diego – 12/9/13
San Diego’s support for bicycling whooshed forward Monday with the adoption of a blueprint that calls for doubling the city’s bicycle network during the next 20 years. The City Council unanimously approved the San Diego Bicycle Master Plan Update, which builds on the city’s original bicycle plan of 2002

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