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Bike News Review – 3/4/13

Lawmaker Wants to Tax Bicycle Pollution
Comedy Central – 3/4/13
If I am not mistaken, a cyclist has an increased heart rate and respiration. That means that the act of riding a bike results in greater emissions of carbon dioxide from the rider. Since CO2 is deemed to be a greenhouse gas and a pollutant, bicyclists are actually polluting when they ride.

Romania becomes major EU bicycle exporter, but Bulgaria could be winning the race
Romania Insider – 3/4/13
Bicycles may not be the first thing most people associate with Romania, but in recent years local manufacturers have been exporting to the EU in a big way. Neighboring Bulgaria has also seen growing bicycle exports to the rest of Europe, however, while Bulgaria changed up a gear in 2012, Romania sat back and freewheeled in the EU Balkan bicycle export race, according to industry news service, Bike Europe.

Bicycle registration, licensing not feasible
The New Indian Express – 3/4/13
Following the Dilsukhnagar blasts, for which bicycles were used to carry explosives, organisations promoting bicycle-riding are pressing for mandatory registration of bicycles and issuance of licence to riders as a measure to control use of bicycles by terror elements. But authorities say there is no provision under the relevant laws to register a bicycle.

Where bicycle helps reap a harvest
The Hindu – 3/3/13
He realised that though the activity appeared tedious, the grocer would have been saved the cost of cartage, and he thought, “Why should I not modify the bicycle for the purpose of farm operations?” Bhise set to work on this idea, and after a lot of trial and error, he came out with an implement — fashioned out of the front axle, wheel and handlebar of a standard bicycle — that could be used by marginal farmers to execute functions carried out by bullocks or tractors.


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Bike News Review 3/1/13

Bicycle rodeo set for March 9
Brewton Standard – 2/28/13
Co-sponsored by the Brewton Police Department and the City of Brewton, the event is the first of its kind and will feature fun, food and even a lesson in safety.

New downtown sculptures in Vallejo double as bicycle racks
Times-Herald – 2/28/13
It’s a pair of glasses, it’s a man on fire, it’s a piece of art promoting unsafe bicycle riding. Those are some of the guesses from Times-Herald Facebook fans when asked to identify a photo of new bike rack recently installed downtown.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Would Connect Four Towns, One City
WHSV – 2/27/13
The board of supervisors was expected to vote whether to fund a county-wide bicycle and pedestrian plan. Bike advocates said it would be a big step for the county.

VT Senator Proposes Law Requiring Bicycle Registration in the State
Fox 44 – 2/27/13
Vermont Senator Norm McAllister (R-Franklin) is proposing a law that would require the registration of bicycles in the state. According to the bill, S.136, a resident 18 years or older would have register the bike and pay an annual fee of $20 or a biennial registration fee of $37.00.


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Bike News Review – 2/20/13

Separated Bike Lanes, Slower Vehicle Speeds Greatly Reduce Bicycle Injuries
Newswise – 2/20/13
Using your bicycle to commute to work has numerous health and environmental benefits. Yet, the largest Canadian study on cycling injuries led by Ryerson University suggests cyclists are at risk of injury due to the lack of cycling infrastructure in large urban centres.

Hovenring is a floating bridge in the Netherlands that offers cyclists and pedestrians a fun crossing.
psfk – 2/20/13
Hovenring is a circular bridge in the Dutch city of Eindhoven that hovers like a flying saucer above a busy intersection. Designed by ipv Delft, a Dutch design and engineering office, the steel cycle bridge is suspended using cables.

Contest offers incentives for bicycle registration, hopes to decrease theft
Downtown Devil – 2/19/13
The Get in Gear contest will reward students, faculty and staff for registering their bicycles with the ASU Police Department. Participants will receive a sticker so that police are able to track bikes back to their owners and aid the recovery process, said Wendy Craft, communications specialist for ASU Business and Finance.

Uganda: Kashaka Pinned in Sh4 Billion LC Bicycle Scam
All Africa – 2/19/13
Interdicted Permanent Secretary Ministry of Local Government, John Muhanguzi Kashaka caused loss to government in the LC bicycle importation scandal that cost over sh4 billion loss, court heard Monday.


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Bike News Review – 1/11/13

Felt sponsors SoCal high school league
Bicycle Retailer – 1/11/13
Our mission is to put cycling on the same footing as more established high school sports like football, baseball, and basketball so that years from now kids won’t have a memory of a time when mountain biking wasn’t a school sport.

Registration Events Aim To Deter Bicycle Theft
Brandon Patch – 1/11/13
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputies aim to stem the rise of bicycle thefts by working with residents to register their bikes at one of four events scheduled for Jan. 19 at neighborhood parks and centers, including at the Brandon Recreation Center on Sadie Street.

Big Cuts in Bicycle Funding Likely
Urban Milwaukee – 1/11/13
While I admit that my crystal ball is about as clear as a snow globe during an earthquake, I still think we have some idea of what the future holds at the federal, state and local levels.

Presidential Inauguration 2013: Biking to the Inauguration
Georgetown Patch – 1/11/13
Bicycles are not allowed at the inauguration itself, but you can still bike into the District, avoid the crowds and get into and out of downtown quickly. Here’s some advice from the pros.

Adventures in Bicycle Maintenance – 1/11/13
It’s been an adventuresome week of bicycle maintenance in the Coyne household. I finally took my bike into a shop to consult an expert about brakes. Thanks to Jamie from Bicycle Garage Indy at the Indy Bike Hub downtown. It only cost me $4 and 20 minutes of time; what a tremendous deal!


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Bike News Review – 1/6/13

Bicycle DAYS
The Hindu – 1/6/13
Pedalling into the city, in the New Year, is the international cycling event Brevet. Kochi will be hosting this long distance cycling event, for the first time, on January 19, and will be the eighth city in India to join the group of cities to hold a Brevet. The city has over the last few years built up a fairly large community of committed bikers.

Petition calls for clamp down on bicycle black market in Santa Cruz County
Mercury News – 1/4/13
In response to an online petition to clamp down on suspected stolen bicycles at the Santa Cruz Flea Market, leaders this week renewed their stance against fencing.

Free New Orleans bicycle registration event being held – 1/4/13
In 2012, 962 bicycles worth an estimated $290,000 combined were reported stolen in New Orleans, according to the local Fraternal Order of Police lodge. That fact is prompting the FOP as well as local nonprofit Bike Easy to host an event Saturday where they will allow both children and adults to register their bicycles with the New Orleans Police Department for free.


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