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Bike News Review – 8/22/13

Parking Services auctions off impounded bikes
The Daily O’Collegian – 8/21/13
Parking Services will auction off nearly 400 impounded student bicycles Saturday. The auction, which is in its 10th year, will consist mostly of bikes possessed by the OSU Police Department.

Universal Sports Network to air show about Interbike
Bicycle Retailer – 8/21/13
Consumers who can’t make it to Las Vegas on the final day of the Interbike trade show–through Interbike’s invitation program–will be able to get a snapshot of the product and happenings there during a one-hour show on Universal Sports Network.

Beavers are your 2013 NAHBPC Champions!
NAHardcourt – 8/21/13
This weekend marked the 5th annual occurrence of the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship, hosted by the Minneapolis Polo Club at the remarkable Roseville Skating Oval. 2013 has proven to be one of the most competitive and progressive seasons we’ve ever had and not enough can be said about this event.

ADOT study shows bicycle tourists have $88 million impact
Phoenix Business Journal – 8/21/13
ADOT found that the 14,000 out-of-state bicyclists who participate in roughly 250 events a year create an economic impact of more than $30 million in direct tourism spending and $57 million in retail sales.

Digging Into Dearborn Data: Patterns and Behavior on the Two-Way Bike Lane
Chicago Streets Blog – 8/20/13
Dearborn Street’s two-way protected bike lanes are equipped with 16 micro-radar sensors with four wireless access points so traffic data can be accessed in “real-time” via cloud-based storage. These technological features make it easy to measure the amount of bike traffic and red-light compliance by bicyclists.



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Bike News Review – 6/26/13

Wooden bikes, folding helmets, velomobiles and more
Bicycle Design – 6/26/13
I have posted about quite a few wooden bikes before, but this plywood Ash design by French designers Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos is a bit different than most.

The Importance of Bike Polo Fair Play
Urban Velo – 6/26/13
When bike polo was first invented in Ireland, sportsmanship was very different than it is today. You played hard, but players were also expected to be knowledgeable about rules and recognize when they’d done something particularly against them. Officiators were respected and obeyed (and, to the defense of your great grandfather, there was still plenty of arguing and cursing, but the call on the field was obeyed as law—that’s why the officiator was there).

New Bicycle Signs Dedicated in Downtown McLean
The Connection – 6/26/13
Fairfax County staff joined with bicycling advocates in downtown McLean Thursday, June 20, to celebrate the installation of several bicycle wayfinding signs. The signs give directions to bicyclists and pedestrians throughout downtown McLean to community landmarks such as the McLean Community Center, and W&OD Trail.

TI sees benefits in encouraging bicycle commuting
Dallas News – 6/25/13
Today, TI encourages its 9,000 employees in North Texas and more than 33,000 people worldwide to bicycle, citing health, environmental, social and financial benefits. The company started a formal program advocating alternative commuting, such as biking, in the mid-1990s.


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Bike polo, an actual good video

You may not have noticed but bike polo is a great tv sport. So why aren’t the airwaves swamped with bike polo videos? Because nearly ever bike polo video on the web is crap devoid of editing, commentary any indication of who is playing and what the score is. This video does include all those. Gives us something live up to.

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Bike News Review

BikePedia launches forum, ad program
Bicycle retailer – 7/10/12
Online product database is adding a forum and is now selling advertising on the site.
(This is one of my favorite reference sites. – Tom)

What About Scofflaw? Perception, Reality and What We’re Doing About It
SF Bike Coalition – 7/9/12
Scofflaw cyclists—the phrase is rolling off the pens of bloggers, journalists and commentators across the Bay Area. And while they’re focusing on this singular aspect, here at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, we’re helping direct the conversation to a broader, more comprehensive view of San Francisco’s diverse bicycling community and the responsibilities that all of us have on the road – when biking or driving.

In Bike Polo There Are No Horses Allowed
Yahoo – 7/7/12
Do you love polo but don’t have a horse? Bicycle polo may be your answer. The strange mix of cycling, polo, and street hockey is heating up the streets.

Bike Messenger Reality Show: San Francisco Cyclists Rumored To Star On Weather Channel
Huffington Post – 7/9/12
Though the show has not yet received a green light, the potential series is rumored to be for the Weather Channel, and would feature bike messenger companies throughout San Francisco. Casting interviews have already begun.



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Here comes the bikemobile – Bike News 4/23/12

Innovative New “BikeMobile” Fix-it Service Launches as Part of Alameda County’s Safe Routes to Schools Program
Market Watch – 4/23/12
the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC) and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) with partner Cycles of Change will launch the new BikeMobile program and the newly designed BikeMobile vehicle at an inaugural ceremony and bike “Fix-a-Thon” event at Rosa Parks Elementary School in Berkeley. The BikeMobile and its bicycle mechanic staff will visit schools and community organizations and events to deliver no-cost hands-on bicycle repair and bicycle safety training to promote riding bikes to school. While Alameda County children are the primary beneficiaries, the BikeMobile will also reach out to interested parents, teachers and community members, especially in low-income communities.

Bicycles help build bridges
Guelph Mercury – 4/23/12
Cycling can embrace and offer satisfying experiences across a broad societal spectrum. Indeed the bicycle is a valuable tool in strengthening families and communities, large and small. Events and initiatives this spring, in our backyard, provide evidence of this.

Can Electric Bicycles Supplant Automobiles?
Scientific American – 2/22/12
The 21st-century equivalent of the cavalry has come charging in to rescue cities in China and South Asia in their battles against air pollution and global warming. And it’s also beginning to help out on the traffic-choked streets in London, New York, São Paulo and Los Angeles.

Bicycle Polo surges across Texas
Pegasus News – 4/23/12
Hardcourt Bicycle Polo has reached a new level of popularity in recent years, says Dylan Holt, a veteran of the sport and a founder of the Dallas Bicycle Polo club.

Study: Used bike owners ride more, buy more
Bicycle retailer – 4/23/12
Owners of bikes they bought used ride more, buy more, and visit bike shops more often than owners of bikes they bought new, according to a new study.

Kent awarded Supplier of the Quarter by Wal-Mart
Bicycle retailer – 4/23/12
Wal-Mart has awarded Kent International its Supplier of the Quarter award for the fourth time in the last seven years.

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